Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dear Kids,
      Who would’ve thought, even though it’s the year for all the spinsters to get married (not Donna, not Monica–I mean real spinsters, like Annice and Shanna), who would’ve thought that LizBunkall would also find her perfect guy? (Remember, he had to be at least as perfect as her brother David.) But it happened. She’s getting married in two weeks. I was absolutely flabbergasted when I opened the announcement. Her mother said it was a whirlwind courtship. He looks like one of her brothers. Maybe that’s why he has the magic spark. I can’t wait to see him in person.
      Last Friday, Allen rode his bike all the way to Wendover, along with several of the other cops from Centerville. Only one of them dropped out. It’s 126 miles. Go, Allen! . It was organized by one of the other bike cops, and they do it every year. If I were in better shape, I’d ask to do a “ride along.” Right now, a trip to the library or the mall is plenty for me.
      Sunday night Dad and I drove Paul to Price, and helped him move his stuff into Sessions. I got a little nostalgic–how many times have we moved kids into Sessions, and this is the last year for us. Of course I embarrassed Paul by telling the RA that he was our 8th kid to live there. I’m sure Paul will have a great year, but he said it’s a little hard now. He’s taking an engineering class at night: Statics. He says he’s going to study all the time, and not watch any TV, unless a BYU game is on.
      Donna and I are having lots of fun trying out pastries from Sams Club, deciding what she should have for her wedding reception. We’re just finishing a box of mini cheesecakes, and starting a carton of eclairs. Dad is helping, too. It’s coming together. Oh, and Donna bought her wedding dress! She was downtown looking around, and it was a sample, from LDS Bridal, or someplace like that, so she got it for half price. And she brought it home on the bus. Of course the bus driver had to make a smart comment. It’s a really pretty dress, of course, but she needs to get it cleaned and do a few repairs. It was probably tried on by about 100 prospective brides.
      Nora says that Addie is now enrolled in a dance class. She has two recitals and gets to ride on a float in a Thanksgiving parade. That is about the ultimate thrill. I always wanted to ride on a float. I’m sure she’ll have a pretty little outfit, too. Go, Addie!
      Hey, Vanessa, Christy Montoya is going to be on America’s Funniest Home Videos, on October 1st, at 7pm. It’s something with their dog. Jeff is in it, too. I’ll have to tape it, because that will be the night of my missionary reunion. They might even win prize money! I visit teach Cathy Montoya, and she was pretty excited about it.
      Gotta go. I love you all! Mom