Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Kids,
      I didn’t write a letter last week because Thanksgiving wiped everything out of my mind. (I even forgot about my piano students Wednesday afternoon, which I’ve never done before.) But it was great to see everybody during the holiday! Except for Sharon and Seth and Charlie, who will be here soon. (Dec. 14th.) And Monica and Neil. They went camping in the savannah for Thanksgiving, like they did last year. I asked Monica if she wants Tucson to be their permanent home, and she said she would really rather be closer to the snow, and the skiing. Still, 80° in November sounds pretty good to me.
      But we’ve got snow here now, and that’s great, too. A couple of weeks ago, Tom got blizzak tires on his car, and then he predicted we wouldn’t have snow for a long time. But Monday evening a snowstorm hit Heber really hard, and he drove to the cabin in the middle of it. He passed a car off the road, on its side, but otherwise, there wasn’t any traffic, except for him. His car cruised right up the hills to the cabin, no problem. So now he’s agreeing with me, Blizzak tires are worth what you pay for them.
      And speaking of shelling out money, we got a great big snowblower for the cabin. (John did the shopping for us. He got one for himself, too.) Bevan is already a pro at using snowblowers, from his job at Deer Valley, and everybody else is learning. It’s supposed to be lots of fun, shooting a long jet of snow into the air, but I’ll probably never get a chance at it.
      I don’t need to write anything about Thanksgiving, because you can read it all on Nora’s blog: (, or on Missy’s blog: ( Missy also has a great slide show of Thanksgiving, and some new family pictures of them all. If you want to know about Sharon and Seth’s Thanksgiving in Michigan, well, guess what? Sharon has a blog, now, too! The address is: She put up some great pictures! I love blogs! How about the rest of you getting on the bandwagon??
      If you happen to be listening to the radio in Heber, on their local country station, you might hear an ad for Ackerson Eyecare! As if John didn’t have the market completely sewn up, he’s now into radio ads. Supposedly, you get to hear about the different kinds of contact lenses. But considering it’s a country station, he could also have mentioned his guns, his dogs, his truck, and his lovely wife Heather. (Oh, I forgot, country music is all about love gone wrong. John doesn’t qualify.)
      Kim might have their baby any day now. Her doctor is willing to start her labor this Friday (Dec. 1) so Tom will be there, but she hasn’t decided yet. I’m sure she’ll keep us posted.
      I know there’s lots more news, but I can’t think what it is. So I’ll mail off this letter, and then I’ll remember everything.
      Lots of love, Mom