Thursday, November 9, 2006

Dear Kids,
      I’m baking cookies for my fall piano recital, which is on Saturday. It’s such a tradition! I’m sort of nostalgic when I think of how we used to have a whole van full of kids, going to the recital, and now it’s just Dad and myself. But still fun. The Fultons and McGettigans all take piano from me now, and they seem like our kids. We just have to share them with their real parents.
      Two letters ago, when I painstakingly listed all the new family members and their numbers, I left off Tom and Kim’s new daughter, due December 8th. I had all my info scribbled on an envelope, and I had made a lot of changes, and somehow I just overlooked her. So sorry!!! To think I would leave off one of my own grandchildren!
      Last Friday night Dad and I went to the Hale Center Theater to see “Man of LaMancha” with the McGettigans. (They always have free tickets, because of all the productions their kids are in.) We were just sitting down when somebody called to us from a couple of rows behind, and it was Michael Allen, with his girlfriend, Kylee. There was another couple with them, too. We talked for a few minutes, and then the play started. The next morning, at the bridal shower, I was telling Nancy about the performance, and Renae said that she and Andy were there, too! On the same aisle, but farther back, on the other side. I don’t know how we missed them. So, were any of you there, too? I wouldn’t be surprised. By the way, it was a fabulous performance. Cliff Cole, who posed for the Joseph Smith paintings you see everywhere, played the part of Don Quixote. (We also saw him play the pirate king in “Pirates of Penzance,” a few years ago. He’s one of their regulars.)
      Dad had a great time fixing the Windstar, and it’s up and running again. (He even talked about my “freeway incident” in testimony meeting on Sunday.) He found lots to do, and it took about three days. But he was having so much fun, I didn’t want to rush him. I just rode my bike everywhere. He was so psyched up after that, he went out and bought a new timing belt for the truck. He said it’s lots cheaper than paying for a tow truck. If it were me, of course, I wouldn’t do anything until I had to. But then, I don’t like fixing cars.
      Allen and Missy already RSVP’d for Thanksgiving, and got their food assignment, so I reserved them a room. Does anybody else want to make a reservation? I’m sure it will be fun, whether we have a lot of people or just a few. I’m planning to bake the pies at the cabin the night before. There’s nothing like the smell of pumpkin pies baking! It’s almost as good as Thanksgiving itself.
      Dad and I were election workers on Tuesday, at the Redwood Multipurpose center. We had to be there at 5:30 am to set up the voting machines, and we weren’t done until 9 that night, but the day went really fast. I was surprised. You know the strange people that sit at their tables, eating sandwiches and drinking their drinks, and looking up your name in the polling book? That was me, and a couple of other quirky ladies. Dad roamed around showing people where to go, helping with the machines, filling in for whoever needed a break. We never had long lines of people, but it wasn’t slow, either. Just a steady stream of good citizens coming to vote. Working in that part of town, I thought we’d see a lot of weirdos, but there weren’t too many. Our boss was Laura Searle (now Laura Shepherd,) who started taking piano from me when she was seven. Who would think she’d end up being our boss? We had a lot of fun gossiping about people in the 16th Ward.
      Last Friday Donna and Bevan helped me rake leaves and till them into the garden. We’re going to have the best dirt next year! I can’t wait.
      Love, Mom