Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dear Kids,
      Here’s a news flash: Nora and James are expecting a boy. What, you didn’t even know Nora was expecting? Well, I didn’t either. Until a few days ago. She’s due September 7th, which means she’s about half way along. They had the ultrasound yesterday, and you can see the results on Nora’s blog at From the view on the film, you can see that he’s most definitely a boy. Congrats, Nora and James. Richard and Diedre Tregaskis are also expecting, also in September, I think. They’ve wanted a baby for a long time. Plus three of Charley’s kids, and two more of Nancy’s, and who else, for all I know.
      Dad and I had great fun on our trip to Arizona with Grandma and Grandpa. We took the trip in chunks, to make it easier, and we all brought good travel food! Thursday afternoon we drove as far as Panguitch, and stayed overnight in a motel there. Then Friday we drove the rest of the way to Mesa, and our only glitch was a big traffic jam in Phoenix. I hear that’s normal. We had fun visiting with Aunt Elma Friday night, and a lot of my cousins dropped in to visit. Saturday morning we left for Tucson, taking the scenic route through the high desert. It was really green, with lots of flowering cactus and other desert foliage. Donna would have loved it. Monica and Neil and Neil’s mom, Cynthia, were waiting for us when we drove up. You’d love Monica and Neil’s house: adobe, old, lots of cactus and gravel in the yard. And Ramona was ready for us, too. Ready to hiss and snarl at me. I don’t know why she hates me so much, except maybe that I look her in the eye. When we all got settled down in the living room, talking, Ramona settled herself in the middle, with her back to me, of course. I was wondering about the restaurant we were going to, for lunch, and I said, “I wonder if they serve cat meat there?” Ramona turned her head all the way around and hissed at me. Neil’s mom said she wouldn’t have believed it, if she hadn’t seen it for herself.
      So we all had lunch at this wonderful sandwich place, where, unfortunately, there was no fricassee of cat on the menu. Then, after we all finished, Dad and I and Grandma and Grandpa drove down to Saurita, about 15 miles south, where Jeffrey and Emily live. We played with their two kids and had a good visit. They (and everyone else) were amazed that Grandma and Grandpa are doing so well, and that they would venture on such a long road trip. I think Grandma and Grandpa were anxious to prove they could do it. Grandma says as long as she has her oxygen tanks, and as long as she can find handicapped motel rooms, she can go anywhere. Now Bonnie’s planning to take them to Canada this summer, to visit Richard and Jeanne.
      Here’s an e-mail message from Nancy: Hi Family, I'm just about done with the book and it looks like the cost will be about $7.00-$8.00 per book. Could you all please let me know, very soon, how many you will want? Thanks for all your contributions!
      I you can all let me know if you want the book, and how many copies, then I’ll pass it on to Nancy.
      I got an e-mail from John Bunkall the other day, and he wanted me to tell Tom Hi for him. It reminded me how much I’ve always enjoyed the Bunkall family. They’re such great people! We’ve been really lucky to have them in our ward all these years.
      Here’s more news: Dave Michelson is buying a house on Allen and Missy’s street, three or four houses away from them. What a small world! I guess he was ready to leave the ghetto. But he still teaches wayward boys at the detention center.
      Remember our bike ride Monday afternoon, April 30th, for anyone who can go. Call me if you have any questions.
      Lots of love, Mom