Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Allen and Missy are going to host an Easter picnic on Saturday, March 29th, at their house (or that cool park by their house). Yes, I know it will be a week after Easter, but Easter is soooo early this year, and there are conflicts Easter weekend, so we might as well celebrate together the next week. We’ll even have an Easter egg hunt! Yay! The party starts at 1:00 pm, and you should probably call Al or Missy to let them know you’re coming, and see what you should bring. Maybe it will even be spring by then? We can hope. Al and Missy went to San Diego last weekend, using up Missy’s last Jet Blue credits, and we got to tend their cat, Tiger. She’s your basic gumbie cat, tiger stripes and leopard spots, and she likes to hide in weird places. Kara McGettitgan had a lot of fun playing with her, and asked if we could please buy her from Allen and Missy. I told her Tiger already has a home.
      A few days ago I had a nice conversation on the phone with Brad King. I’ve always wanted to start an Ackerson Family scholarship at CEU, where we would sponser one student each year (tuition and fees,) and now that we’re not helping Paul with tuition any more (because he’s enjoying the magic of the Sable), it’s time to start. So I talked to Brad about what kind of a student we want to find. Some of you kids have suggested somebody who’s below 25 on the ACT. Or has a B average. All good ideas. Brad said the really great students are taken care of anyway, but there are lots of students who don’t test well. His own sister had a 19 on the ACT, but she became valedictorian at CEU. I’d love to sponser a student like her!! Let me know your ideas. Tuition and fees are about $1300 a semester, and I figure you can all pay what you want: make out the checks to CEU, so you’ll get the tax deduction, but send them to us, and then Dad and I will write out a check for the rest and send everything in together. So let us know what kind of a student we want, OK? I asked Brad, what if our student flunks out? He said, “Well, that happens.”
      Mike and Moka Allen had their baby on Monday. Her name is Bentley Clarise Allen, she weighed 6 lbs 1 oz, and has dark red hair with Allen feet. There are pictures on Megan’s and Melissa’s blogs. ( or
      My cell phone has been missing for several days so I guess I’ll have to go get a new one. Sigh. I’m going to miss my good old “brick.” But I’ve gotta stay connected.
      Sunday dinner last week was lots of fun. Thanks to all of you who came. Next month I’ll be doing Sunday dinner at the cabin on April 6th, conference weekend. Should be a blast, like always.
      Love you all, Mom