Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dear Kids,
      There’s a picture of Maci (or is it Macy?) Marilyn Sutton on Nora’s blog. She’s really cute! I think the baby blessing is going to be March 30th.
      Before I forget, I received an invitation to a bridal shower for Carly Benham, Gary Allen’s bride-to-be. The invitation was from Andrea, and she asked if I would let all you girls know (daughters and daughters-in-law), since she was only mailing invitations to the “aunts.” The shower is Thursday night, March 13th, at 7:00 pm, at Cindy Gilbert’s house in Orem. (That’s Renae’s siste-in-law). I’m going for sure, so anybody is welcome to ride with me. I know we haven’t kept up very well with all the showers for the nieces and nieces-in-law, but it’s always fun to see who’s there, and catch up on the gossip.
      Also, don’t forget I’m fixing Sunday dinner this coming Sunday, on the 9th. Let me know if you’re going to come, so I’ll be sure to fix enough food, and get out enough tables and resin chairs.
      I talked to Monica a few days ago, and she has an appointment at the Mayo clinic in Phoenix. I know the Mayo clinic has always been a last-ditch stop for people with weird and incurable diseases, but they also treat regular illnesses, and do a lot of experimental studies. Maybe Monica can get into a free trial of some miraculous new M.S. drug and be on the cutting edge of some breakthrough treatment. It would be a great scenario. I’m sure she’ll let us know how her appointment turns out.
      I think I had my last snowboarding jaunt of the season, yesterday. I went to Brighton by myself, because there had been a few inches of new snow, and it had been plenty cold. What I didn’t know is that a little new snow over frozen slush can be pretty treacherous. So I fell down a lot. Besides that, it was snowing and blowing on and off. And I was coming down with the flu. I kept going inside the A-frame and taking naps. Finally I went home. Meanwhile, Nora and Robyn were having a wonderful time, skiing at Deer Valley. Nora says she can’t wait to go again. Me, I’m ready to start digging in the garden. I’m ready for spring.
      If you haven’t checked the “Cat Gallery” lately, on, you’ll notice that I’ve added pictures of Xena and Rat Cat. That’s because Kara McGettigan kept bugging me to get the pictures up to date. So naturally, she’s featured with both cats. If any of our real grandkids loved cats as much as Kara does, I’d feature them, too. Kara spends an hour or so here every Monday and Tuesday morning, because Jana is doing radiation. She doesn’t know if it will help, but she’s willing to give it a try.
      I asked Paul if the Sable was working magic in his life, and he wasn’t sure, but he drove a group of kids to Crystal Hot Springs. He said he always wanted to go there, but nobody else ever wanted to drive. Ah, the freedom of a car! And the hassles. He’s bringing it home for a brake job this weekend.
      Lots of love, Mom