Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear Kids,
      I had fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa’s cat yesterday, when I visited them. He entertains them all day long, but he’s so wild and vicious, they both have cat scratches all over their hands. So at Walmart, Grandma and I bought the “kitten mitten.” It has fingers about a foot long, with metal splines in them, and a pompon at each end, so you can tease the cat and torment him without getting scratched. What a great invention!
      Another great invention is kitchen faucets with two handles on them, one for hot and one for cold. What, it isn’t new? You wouldn’t know it, to look at the faucets in Home Depot. Out of about 50 faucets, there were only two, the cheap one, and the one I bought. Our old faucet was broken, and we also needed a new sink and a new garbage disposal, so Dad and I bought everything at once, and Dad spent all last Saturday putting it together. But when he was done, I was delighted. Now, when I want hot water, or cold, I just turn on one handle, and I get what I want the first time. I’m so tired of those levers on most sinks, and jiggling them all around to try and get it right. Hooray for the 21st Century!
      My chess club at the Harman Senior Rec Center is going great! I put up flyers in the libraries, and had it added to the senior schedule in the newspaper, and the word is getting around! When we met last Wednesday, there were six of us, which doesn’t sound like much, but it was better than just two of us, like the week before. People could switch around more, and play more games, have more fun. And when everybody finished their games, they just sat around and talked, until they kicked us out. (The center closes at 3:00 pm). One new guy who came said he tried to get it going there years ago, but gave up. He was in the Chess Club at BYU, and I’m looking forward to playing him. This is lots better than frittering away my time playing online. (Except when I’m playing Bevan or Paul.) And I can pat myself on the back for doing “community service.”
      Remember I’m cooking dinner this Sunday, the 14th. Let me know if you’re coming!
      Love, Mom