Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Life is good! The weather is cool! How come the start of school always makes me feel like my life is moving forward, even though I don’t go to school? Or send any kids? (Paul doesn’t count. He sends himself.) It’s fun seeing halloween candy on the promo aisle in Walmart, instead of beach gear.
      Last Saturday I went gliding (or soaring, they call it) with John. What a thrill! A tow plane pulls you up a few hundred feet until you catch a thermal, and then you circle up from there, just like a hawk. I guess we were in a really massive thermal, because John was so excited about it. Me, in the back seat–I was looking for a barf bag. I’ve never been carsick or airsick or seasick before, but then, I’ve never bounced around in a glider at 12,500 feet. But the view was fabulous. And it’s very safe. You don’t have to worry about engine failure, because there isn’t one. You could land practically anywhere, if you had to. But I wasn’t worried about that. We circled over Midway, where Swiss Days were going on, and then we circled over Heber. We circled over the airport, where Dad was pacing alongside the runway. All this time we were going down, naturally. John asked if I wanted to catch the thermal and go up again, but I’d had enough fun. I want to do it again sometime. But I’ll definitely take drami-mine first.
      Dad and I were spending the weekend at the cabin, and we went to church in Francis 2nd ward on Sunday. What a cool ward. Bevan and I went into primary, because Donna and some of the other primary staff were introducing themselves, and we found out that everybody in the ward lives on their grandparents property. Everybody graduated from South Summit high school, or North Summit (in Coalville.) The women have names like Billie Sue and Bobbie Jo. They own horses and dogs. I didn’t know that rodeo was a verb. (“. . . in high school, I rodeod.”) It was all very interesting. If I ever thought I was a hick, I can see now that I don't even come close.
      But the best part of Sunday was that Donna cooked goose for dinner! (Complete with buckshot in some of the pieces. That’s part of the goose experience.) (She got it from her boss.) She marinated the goose, and cut it in pieces, and wrapped them in bacon. Then she grilled them with onions and green peppers. Heck, you would have thought it was beef, with that disguise! It was very good.
      I just came home from Nora’s book club, which was also at the cabin. We talked about Louis L’Amour, and my favorite book of his, Mojave Crossing. There’s nothing like talking about western books, sitting around a campfire, with stars overhead. Loved the atmosphere!
      Remember I’m cooking Sunday dinner next week, the 14th. Dinner’s at 5:00. Let me know if you want to come. Love, Mom