Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Kids,
      We had a big snowstorm yesterday morning while Oreo was inside taking a nap on the couch. When the weather cleared up, I tossed him out. I knew he’d never seen snow before, so I watched to see what he’d do. He started pawing it like sand, piling it up in a little heap. Then he just stared at it. I guess he thought it was the coldest, wettest, whitest sand he had ever played with.
      Donna had an adventure of a different kind in the snowstorm. She was leaving the Sinclair station at the junction of I-80 and Highway 40, driving under the underpass while a snowplow came from the other direction, up on the overpass, on that curve that turns toward Salt Lake. The snowplow was going fast, pushing snow to the side and over the edge. You guessed it: a big pile of snow and ice fell down onto Donna’s windshield and shattered it. It’s lucky it wasn’t worse. Donna’s windshield is broken into thousands of pieces, but it didn’t cave in on her. Now she’s trying to get it replaced, but her Honda was made in Canada, which seems to be a problem. Meanwhile, she called UDOT, and they’re sending her some claim forms. I hope it all turns out OK.
      I had fun working at the election on Tuesday. I’m still a voting machine tech, and they assigned me to Valley Jr. High. We were out in the science building, in back of the school, so we didn’t have hordes of kids coming through, like at Granger last time. We did have lots of voters, though, especially when we first opened at 7 a.m. And, we got to have school lunch! I had the best sub I’ve eaten in a long time.
      Did you guys know that Allen is a college student again? He’s going to Columbia College, working on a degree in criminal justice. Columbia College is down near the University of Phoenix, another of those mostly-night schools that cater to working people. Al says he doesn’t want to be the only person in the family without at least a bachelor’s degree. Go, Al!
      Paul has signed a contract to work for APEX Security again next summer. I hope he does at least as well as he did this year! He probably doesn’t want me to give a report of his earnings, but it’s pretty impressive. (Call him for details.) He also says he might change his major to Environmental Engineering, from Civil. They work with contaminated soil, waste water--all that interesting stuff. Go, Paul!
      I’m fixing dinner this Sunday, November 9th. We’ll be eating at 5:00 pm. Let me know if you plan to come. Also, it isn’t to soon to be planning Thanksgiving! Dad and I will definitely be at the cabin. I’ll cook turkey, dressing, potatoes, gravy, and pies. Volunteers for other foods are welcome.
      I love you all! Mom