Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Thanks to all of you who came to the cabin for Thanksgiving, because you made it such a wonderful day. And those of you who weren’t there . . . we hope you had a great time, too. We missed you. The food was better than ever. Especially the 16 lb. turkey that Donna got free. It wasn’t tough! And everybody made their specialties, so it was all good. We even got to hike the loop (big loop for the big kids, little loop for the little kids), and we didn’t even care that it got dark before we got back to the cabin. Coming down the hill, we saw the cabin glowing in the dark, because the greenhouse lights were on. It looked magical.
      And it was magical the next morning when there was snow on the ground! It was only two or three inches, but the kids were able to go sledding. The hill became a combination of grass, snow, and mud, but at least the sleds went down! We’re looking forward to a lot more snow and a lot more fun this winter.
      And Christmas is coming up fast! Nora is planning the kids’ exchange Christmas party on Friday, December 19th, at 5:30 pm (although if you get there later, there will still be plenty of fun.) The exchange list is on Kim’s blog. For the adult exchange, I think Nora’s working it out. Sharon says that it always rotates the same way.
      The day after Christmas, I’m planning the sledding party at the cabin. I realize that a lot of people will be in a lot of different places that day, but if you can come, we’ll have our usual chili or sloppy jo’s, or something warm and comfy. I’ll invite Dad’s cousins. They said they always want to have our get-together at the cabin now, so it will be an all-in-one.
      Here’s some good news: Jake and Dierdre had twin boys on November 15th, named Dallin and Logan, I believe. They were in the process of moving from North Carolina back to Green River, Wyoming, so the babies were born in Ogden. Evidently everything went well. Tom said, “They’re up with us, now!” (Because that makes 3 kids for them. I’m not sure if Izzy is even three yet.)
      Life is good! Lots of love, Mom