Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Kids,
      I’m sorry to report that Rat Cat died yesterday, on the floor in the kitty room. We knew he was ailing, and on Sunday Donna and Bevan pointed out how bony he was. By Monday he wasn’t eating or drinking, and he just sat on a plastic stool in the kitty room, with his fur puffed out and his eyes dilated. Now and then he yowled. I don’t know if he was seeing demons from one side of the great beyond, or angels from the other side. Maybe they were both calling to him. Anyway, we didn’t consider vet care, because he’s nearly twelve years old, and he never was a quality cat. I told him to “go towards the light.” He finally did. Dad dug a grave out in the garden, in the snow (it looked like a pioneer scene) and I carried him out in a size 14 shoe box. Now he’s at peace alongside so many other good cats we’ve had. Kara McGettigan is all ready for me to get another new kitten, but I told her that Oreo is all the cat I can handle now.
      My most exciting activity this week was getting a root canal. No kidding, I was counting down the days. My tooth was still hurting from a crown prep the week before, and it was getting more intense every day. Finally Dr. Condie agreed, but he couldn’t work me in for two more days. So all I did was take pain pills and wait. When I finally went in, they asked me if I wanted nitrous oxide to relax me. I said, “What for?” They said it would make me less nervous. I said I wasn’t nervous at all. I was excited. I couldn’t wait. I told them to bring it on. Now, of course, I’m still taking pain pills, but it’s getting a little better every day. I have a whole new life ahead of me, without tooth pain. I have resolved to eat less sugar and have dental check-ups more often.
      While I was in pain, I didn’t do much about getting ready for Christmas. Fortunately Donna and Bevan bought a tree and put it up on Monday. Remember how I always used to get you kids to put up the tree? I still like it when someone else does it. Then I can just sit down and smell that beautiful pine smell. Nothing else means Christmas like the smell of a real Christmas tree.
      Don’t forget my Christmas music open house, Monday night, if you want to come, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. And Christmas Eve, if you want to hike Ensign Peak, let me know. And the sledding party is still on for the day after Christmas. What a great time of the year!
      Love, Mom