Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear Kids,
      Who would’ve thought we’d have gas at $1.49 a gallon (Holiday Sinclair,) or that I would be riding my bike to the library in December! Life is full of wonders. We’re all hoping for snow, of course–it’s pretty weird to have green grass outside when Christmas is coming up.
      So, speaking of Christmas, here’s a rundown of some upcoming family events:
      1. Sunday the 12th I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner. We’ll be eating at 5:00. Let me know if you want to come.
      2. The kids’ gift exchange is at Nora’s on Friday night, December 19th. The exchange list is on Kim’s blog.
      3. My Christmas music open house will be on the 22nd, the Monday night before Christmas, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Everybody is invited. It would be cool if you could sing something or play the piano or do anything else musical. Even if you don’t want to perform, you’re invited anyway. There will be punch and cookies.
      4. Does anybody want to hike Ensign Peak on Christmas Eve? I’d really like to do it, and I can probably get Dad to come, so if anybody else joins us, it will be even more fun. We can drive past the Christmas lights on Temple Square.
      5. The day after Christmas Dad and I will be at the cabin for our sledding party. I think Dad’s cousins will probably come. They’re always good for fun conversation and craziness. Come if you can, but if you’re too worn out from Christmas, that’s OK too.
      I can’t think of anything else, but I’m sure there’s more.
      Did anybody leave a dark blue wool coat in our closet? It’s Old Navy brand, medium long, with a plaid lining and a hood. Let me know if it’s yours. I’m getting into that “January cleaning-out throwing-away” mood already.
      We’re looking forward to seeing almost everybody at the upcoming events. If we don’t see you, I’ll be thinking about you anyway.
      Love, Mom