Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Have any of you tried to buy rubber cement lately? You have to show ID! No kidding. I looked for it at Walmart, but it’s not there any more. So got it at Office Max. I asked the checker why it was so hard to find, and he didn’t know, but he said I had to show ID to buy it. I told him I was a harmless Grandma and I wasn’t going to sniff it, so he just asked for my date of birth. Crazy! I used to thin my rubber cement with naphtha, which you could get in gallon cans at Home Depot, but it’s not there any more, either. It was great for getting sticky residues off things. Now I have to use paint thinner. Talk about a high! I might as well be using naphtha. Somebody should clue in whatever government agency makes these rules!
      Nora and Vanessa went skiing at Deer Valley today. (I didn’t even know Vanessa was coming to town–she just shows up!) I hope they had a good time! I’ve had some good snowboarding adventures the last couple of weeks, and I have several more planned, with people that want to go. It’s been pretty good, and there’s a big storm system moving in, so hopefully it will be even better!
      Oreo has a new fetish–Butterfinger bars. He steals them out of my prize box in the piano room and demolishes them on the floor. He doesn’t get the doritos or anything else, just the Butterfingers. Now I have to keep the lid down. I might even have to start locking the box again. Who knows what Oreo can do!
      If any of you have been following the adventures of Mandy and Eddie, Sharon and Seth’s friends, who adopted a baby on Christmas day, you’ll be surprised to hear that they’re getting another baby! It was an adoption that fell through several months ago, but now the birth mother has decided she wants them to be parents of her baby! The new baby is three months older than Jonah, and they’ll be like twins. We’re so happy for them! (You know the old saying, it never rains but it pours.)
      Remember I’m cooking dinner this Sunday, the 8th. Let me know if you’re coming!
      Lots of love, Mom