Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Whoa, the sun is shining and spring is coming! We haven’t done enough snowboarding yet this year, but I’m also starting to think of outside bike rides and hiking the loop at the cabin.
      Anybody who’s read Kim’s blog this week knows that they have another little Ackerson on the way. Congratulations! Ali told me last week, when Dad and I were at the cabin. She said she had a baby in her tummy. I figured she meant something else. Tom confirmed that the baby was actually in Kim’s tummy. They were thinking of keeping quiet about it for a couple more weeks, but I said I couldn’t resist putting it on my blog, so Kim put it on hers first. That’s great. I’m thinking there’s another little grandchild on the way, too. Anybody else ready to make an announcement?
      I visited Grandma and Grandpa yesterday, and had a lot of fun, as usual. There was a big heart-shaped box of Sees candy by Grandma’s chair, and I was impressed with all their self-control. Here it was five days after Valentines day, and the box was still almost full? Well, there was more to the story. A few days before Valentines, somebody got the box of candy for Grandpa to give Grandma, and he hid it. Then he couldn’t remember where it was. Katie searched the house from top to bottom, even the garage, and couldn’t find it anywhere. So they got another box. Then, when Grandma found out, she had to solve the mystery. She handed the box to Grandpa and said, “If you were going to hide this, where would you put it?” He thought about it, went out to the garage to the file cabinet, and found the other one! Go, Grandma! Miss Nancy Drew. When I visit, she and I always sit down at the computer and update her books on Goodreads. She likes to read everybody else’s reviews, too. I even got her started on the unending book quiz. Anybody still want to know how to get 100%? I’ve found even better tricks. If you look on Goodreads at the best winning streak, you’ll see that I’m at the top, (with a streak of 1,000 right answers) out of 197,000 people who have taken the quiz. Nobody seems to be impressed by that, but I think it’s cool.
      Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom