Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Kids,
      I’m having a TV-Signals-Going-Off-The-Air party for myself this morning. Yep, it’s the day they promised us, ending the analog signals, after putting it off for so long. So today I’m watching each station go off the air. Channel 7 went off at 10 am, and I watched the picture turn from clear to fuzz. Channel 13 goes off at noon, and the rest of them at 1pm. I’m loving it. The media has used words like “unprepared,”“unready,” and “in danger” to describe people like me, but the only danger is to themselves, if too many of us enjoy life without TV.
      We’ve had a ton of rain here! Who would believe, monsoon season in June! I had been working in the back yard, trying to get it re-planted with grass, but now it’s just a morass of mud. I keep promising grandkids that they can play out there soon, but of course they prefer the dirt and mud, anyway. Which reminds me, I’m cooking Sunday dinner day-after-tomorrow, so let me know if you want to come. 5:00 pm.
      Donna was here Tuesday, taking the very last part of her landscape-licensing exam. She was showing me the passing statistics online, and it’s sometimes as high as 75%, or as low as 28%, depending on how the test was written that time around. No wonder people have to take it over and over again, if they happen to catch the harder versions! Let’s hope this test was the lucky one for Donna.
      I’m really enjoying sacrament meeting in the Spanish branch. Last week they had a baby blessing! (The baby might have been the only legal hispanic there!) The organ is great–it’s a real pipe organ! In fact, I actually got to play it, on Wednesday, for Franz Nelson’s funeral. (Yep, he died at age 80, mostly from the effects of Alzheimers.) There’s no comparison between that lovely pipe organ and the wretched thing in our own building. The only organist in the Spanish branch is Janice Peterson, from 8th Ward. She’s borrowed. Maybe they could borrow me, too, since I’ll be there every week. I can hope.
      Lots of love, Mom