Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Nora and I saw a terrific water slide in Sam’s Club this morning. I might buy it for the family reunion. You know how we’re having a sleepover at the cabin Friday night (the 31st) for anyone who wants to pitch a tent? What if we set up the waterslide that afternoon, and we can have a water party, to get our family reunion off to a fun start. I’ll provide dinner, if you let me know that you’ll be there. It sounds fun. And then we’ll still have all day Saturday to swim at the fitness center in Kamas, and go to Park City and play. Hey, it’s less than 2 months off!
      Carson and Ellie are here today. Missy is in Michigan visiting Tara, so I agreed to have a turn watching them. They came last night, and we hung out in the back yard, and I felt bad that it’s still all dirt. (I haven’t replanted it yet.) Do you think Carson and Ellie minded? They were shoveling and digging and raking dirt, and having a great time. I forgot kids love dirt more than anything else. You can finish your whole yard, but if there’s one patch of dirt, that’s their favorite place.
      Last time I talked to Paul, he said it was a pretty good week–13 installs. A couple of their sales reps had gone home, and now if a few of the installers go home, too, Paul should have a ton of work.
      I’ve been complaining to some of you about the organ in our church, which they put in brand new about a year ago. It sounds to me like fingernails on a chalk board, but nobody else seems to mind it. After listening to it for a year (I quit playing it after only one week) I was desperate. So now I go to sacrament meeting in the Spanish branch at the Lighthouse Church, and it’s lots of fun. It starts late and ends early. I can understand almost everything. Their organ sounds good. Everybody’s friendly. Vanessa, remember Joey Anderson? (Of course you do.) Her mom is in the branch, because she’s married to a hispanic now. She has a daughter Ashley, who’s Monica’s age, I think, and somebody Sharon’s age. Anyway, the mom is named Pam, and she remembered some of you. She said I would really enjoy the rest of the meetings, but I had to get back to our ward for Nursery and Relief Society. I could easily be convinced to switch over totally, though.
      I’ll be fixing Sunday dinner on June 14th at 5:00. Let me know if you want to come!
      Lots of love, Mom