Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Summer is definitely winding down. The wind is blowing hot today, but it’s supposed to be cold tomorrow morning. In Halifax, Paul is packing up for his trip home. He’ll be leaving Monday morning, making stops in Boston and Ann Arbor on the way.
      The ag shed at the cabin is still in need of a metal roof. I was determined that we wouldn’t do it ourselves, and I was sure we could find some out-of-work roofer who would be eager to take it on, but it hasn’t happened. Evidently it’s too small and too out-of-the-way. So now I’m checking suppliers of metal roofing. I think I’ve envisioned a way we can do it without falling off. Besides, how would we feel if we watched somebody else do it, and we slapped our foreheads and said “Duh, we could have done that!” So this evening, when we’re at the cabin, I’m going to get the exact measurements and then order the metal. Wish us luck.
      We’re looking forward to the dedication of the Oquirrh Temple next week, not just because it will be a great spiritual experience, but because the Jordan River Temple is so crowded now. Dad and I went last night with his High Priests’ group, and the parking lot was filled. People were streaming in and out. There was a Japanese man named Kozo with us–he lives at Shari Fonoti’s house and is here for a few months learning English. He said it was like a department store. Well, President Hinckley said it was the busiest temple in the church, when he announced the Draper and the Oquirrh temples. He said, “We build them where we need them.” So we’re proud of that. But mostly, Dad and I go to the Salt Lake Temple early on Friday afternoons. You never have to wait.
      I’m still having fun attending the Spanish branch. Last week Janice Peterson didn’t show up, so I got to play the organ. I’m sure its pipes were manufactured in heaven. (Funny how I never appreciated it when we had church in that building!) After the meeting, about ten people told me “gracias” and one lady hugged me. During the four years I played the organ in our own building, only a couple of people ever thanked me, and certainly nobody ever hugged me! So I’m loving it. But I’m getting some flak from people in our own ward. You wouldn’t think it mattered, where I go to church. It’s all the same gospel.
      Hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom