Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dear Kids,
      Paul arrived home last Thursday night with a kitten that turned out to be ORANGE!! And I tended him until Tuesday night, when Paul’s manager finally arrived in town. Mostly the kitten stayed in the basement, so he wasn’t ripping our couch and carpets and curtains, and sometimes I took my laptop downstairs to use so he wouldn’t be alone (yowling in the stairwell.) The kitten showed his appreciation by killing my mouse–the mouse I used with the laptop. He bit through the cord and it suddenly stopped functioning. So I wasn’t too sorry when the little brat was finally picked up. Although he was pretty cute. Mostly when he was asleep.
      Paul was only home for a day or so, and now he’s back in Logan, and school has started. I guess all the grandchildren are in school now, too. Where did the summer go?
      If you read Sharon’s blog, you know she had another ultrasound, and little baby Thacker is definitely a girl!! I wonder if she’ll look like Sharon? And if you read Donna’s blog, you know that she PASSED her test! (The last part of the LARE). We’re really happy for her. Now she’ll be able to stamp construction documents with her official seal. Go, Donna! I’ll have to pull out the tattered plans I used for the Ag shed and have her stamp them.
      There’s a pillow at the cabin with a pink pillowcase, or pink roses on it. Did somebody leave it there after the family reunion? If nobody claims it, we’ll just add it to the collection. Also, has anybody seen my carpet cleaner? I can’t even remember the last time I used it, so it’s probably been gone for a while. Should I buy another one? Or just get new carpet! That’s lots more fun!
      I know there’s more news, but I can’t think of anything.
Love to all of you, Mom