Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Kids,
      It's Thursday afternoon, and we’re just winding up Thanksgiving here at the cabin. Allen and Missy and their kids have gone home, and Tom and Kim have also left for home with their family. Sharon called a few minutes ago and reported that they had a great time in Michigan, with two new families of friends. We’re expecting Nora and James’s family any minute (they’re spending the night) and maybe John’s family. We also had Bevan’s brother’s family last night and this morning, and Bevan’s parents for dinner. Grandpa Ray (Bevan’s grandfather, Beverly’s father) was just hovering between heaven and earth these last few days, and Beverly didn’t know what to plan on for Thanksgiving, so Donna invited them to come here. It worked out really well. Grandpa Ray died this morning, and it reminded us all how Grandma Ackerson also died on Thanksgiving day, eight years ago, while we were here at the cabin. Strange.
      After we had dinner, Missy got busy and wrote up the Christmas exchange lists. She wanted me to pass on the info. The person (or couple) on the left gives to the person (or couple) on the right. First, the grownups: Tom - John; Allen - Nora; Monica - Vanessa; Donna - Tom; Sharon - Allen; Paul - Monica: John - Donna; Nora - Sharon; Vanessa - Paul.
      And now, the kids: Julie - Addie; Jacob - Ellie; Aaron - Sarah; Aubrey - Matthew; Addie - Aubrey; Ben - Julie; Paige - Ali; Stuart - Abigail; Sterling - Stuart; Sarah - Aaron; Meg - Carson; Macie - Charlie; Bentley - Macie; Emma- Meg; Ali - Ben; Abigail- Paige; Carson - Sterling; Ellie - Bentley; Charlie - Emma; Matthew - Jacob.
      I’m still really struggling with my collar bone. Or it’s struggling with me. I had decided that it would be totally fine after eight weeks, so I went off my percocet for a couple of days, to convince myself. It didn’t work. Now I’m figuring that maybe by Christmas it will stop hurting. Or sometime down the road. It can’t hurt forever!
      Most of you have heard about my new church calling. I’m going to be the Primary chorister in the Lighthouse Branch. It’s very exciting, even though I can’t sing very well, I can’t wave my arm at all right now, and I don’t speak Spanish all that well. My new scripture study is “Canciones para los Ninos,” the Primary songbook in Spanish. I figure if I’m sort of familiar with the songs, if I learn the kids’ names, and if I bring lots of cool stuff for singing time, it’ll be fine.
      I wish we could have seen all of you today, and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lots of love, Mom