Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dear Kids,
      I had my collar bone x-rayed on Friday, and it’s now healed up enough that I can start using my arm again. Yay! I’m actually typing this letter with two hands, but it’s hard. Every message I send to my right hand somehow goes to my left hand. It works that way with playing the piano, too. My duet recital is coming up on Wednesday, and I have four parts to play, but my fingers aren’t cooperating with my brain very well. I’m sure that will improve. Meanwhile, I’ve started simple exercises to loosen up my arm again. I can almost get it to hang down straight, but it’s pretty painful. I haven’t even tried reaching left or right or up. So I’m still living a pretty restricted lifestyle, still wearing my sweats and velour leisure suits (pants you can pull up with one hand) and still reading a lot.
      I mentioned that I bought a season pass to Brighton (before my bike accident, of course) and last Saturday was the last day they were taking pictures at REI. So I showed up in my harness and sling for the picture. It sure looked like I wasn’t starting out the season very well. Of course the resorts are in no shape to open any time soon, unless we get some big storms. By then I’ll be ready. I showed Nora the picture on my season pass, and since it was a low-grade webcam they used, the picture is sort of grainy. It looks surprisingly like Nora. (Sharon, too.) Hummm. I’m sure she had the same idea I had.
      Right now Nora and James are in Hawaii, and their kids are on their way to Idaho. Donna has been tending them since Friday, but now she and Bevan are driving them north, to meet Vanessa, and they’ll stay in Pocatello until Saturday, I think. I had Donna and Bevan bring the kids here for Sunday dinner, on their way, but I just heated up some tater tot casserole I had in the freezer. They were charming. (The kids, not the tots.)
      I haven’t heard from anybody but Donna about Thanksgiving. Let me know if you’re planning to come to the cabin for dinner. We’ll probably eat about one in the afternoon.
      And Abby’s baby blessing is still on for December 6th. Tom and Kim will let us know the details.
      I have to quit typing. My shoulder is killing me. Lots of love, Mom