Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Kids,
      I just got home from chess club at the Harman Home, where we had a great time, as usual. I played a Scotsman named Rodger. Several weeks ago he accused me of not having a killer instinct, so I had to prove him wrong. It can get pretty tense in there, but overall, we always have fun.
      Sunday was my first time leading the music in the Spanish branch Primary. What an adventure! I had totally memorized the ten songs we were going to sing, so that wasn’t a problem, but I had no idea what to say in between the songs. I tried different things like “OK, kids, close those song books. You don’t need them.” After which they just stared at me. (Of course, the kids in 5th Ward Primary used to stare at me, too.) So I had to act out everything, like picking up all the song books while we were singing the next song. I figure I can get by with anything right now, and blame it on the language barrier. During the following song I walked around picking up little kids and setting them back in their seats. That felt just like old times in 5th Ward. At the end of singing time, I went off to Relief Society for the first time with Cathy Newton and Pam Aveytua (Joey Anderson’s mom.) The Relief Society president had me introduce myself, and she asked if I was going to be there every week. I was happy to say that I was. Hearing that much Spanish in one morning is like drinking from a fire hydrant, but I assume it will get easier.
      Monday morning Donna and Bevan and Nora and I went snowboarding at Brighton. The snow wasn’t the best, and I had a different board than usual, and I’m in terrible shape, so I didn’t do very well. After just a couple of runs (and a couple of hard falls) I was done for the day. Bevan quit a little early, too, but Donna and Nora kept going and going. I’m looking forward to lots of great trips to Brighton, but I’m waiting for better snow.
      Monica is coming to Utah February 4th for a week of skiing, and Caroline is coming, too. Monica knows there’s always good snow in February, and she’s right.
      I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner this coming Sunday, the 10th. I’m making lasagne, and we’ll be eating at 5:00 pm. Let me know if you’re coming.
      Lots of love, Mom