Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Kids,
      What a blast we had on Sunday! Thanks to everybody who came to Sunday dinner. I’ve missed it all these months, and I’m glad to be back to my regular life again. All the work and all the fun.
      Last Saturday Dad and I started working on the inside of the bunkh . . . whoops, the agricultural shed at the cabin. We’re nailing up tongue and grove siding on the inside, so the walls will look finished. Next step after that: building the bun . . . . whoops, the storage shelves inside. This is my first real building project since I broke my collarbone, so it’s really exciting.
      I’m still having fun in the Lighthouse Branch Primary, and I’m enjoying the whole block there, but after three hours my head feels like it’s splitting open. No matter–it will get better. People are starting to talk to me in Spanish, instead of English. The man who sat behind me in Sacrament meeting said (in Spanish) that he had thought I didn’t know the language, but since they had called me to be Primary chorister, I must know some. I admitted that it was only some, but I said it was enough for Primary. It probably came out funny, because he laughed.
      Although Dad and I have been looking at replacing the Windstar, and we even test drove a Sienna last week, I don’t really want to change now. A nice shiny Sienna would be out of place among the cars that my Hispanic friends park at the Lighthouse Church. After the block, we all walk out to the parking lot together, and I feel very comfortable climbing into my well-rusted 257K Windstar.
      On Tuesday, January 26th, I’m flying to Michigan to help Sharon with the new baby, although I can probably expect she’ll have a home improvement project lined up for me. I’m happy to do whatever I can. I’ll be coming home on Groundhog Day.
      Bonnie sent out the following message in an e-mail, and she asked me to pass it on to all of you. She wrote:
      I have a favor to ask all of you. I would like to make a book (using shutterfly) like the memory book I made of Mom and Dad's courtship, but with pictures of as many of the afghans mom has knitted over the years. If you can, I would really appreciate if any of you who still have an afghan would have someone take a picture of you holding it (or wrapped up in it, spread out, on your lap, whatever you want to do... be creative) and then email that picture to me, I will put them all into one book so that Mom will have something fun to look at and also just to have a record of what she has done.
      Bonnie’s e-mail is
I just checked my e-mail, and here’s another message from Bonnie: Jamie and Andrea wanted me to pass along this invitation to Adelyn's baby blessing which will be held this Sunday (Jan. 17) at 11:00 a.m. They will be having it at the Amiron Village clubhouse in Orem. It is approximately 1400 north on the East side of State street. Turn onto the road directly south of the Western Community credit union and follow into the club house. If Visitor parking is full you will have to park out on the road by the fence. Call if you have any questions.
      So many fun things going on! Lots of Love, Mom