Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Kids,
      In all the worry we’ve had about Jacob and Missy, I never did mention how delighted we are to have three new grandbabies on the way. If you haven’t heard the details: Vanessa the middle of October, Nora the middle of November, and Donna the day after Thanksgiving. I would be more specific about the dates, but I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember them exactly. Hey, I already need a chart to remember the 41 birthdays in the family. But it’s great to have new grandchildren on the way. When Dad and I were in a young marrieds’ ward at BYU, they sent around a sign-up sheet in Relief Society for new babies, so the Relief Society could plan to help. When I wrote my name on the list, I used to call out, “I think I’ll sign up to have a baby! Anybody else?” So, even though I’m long past that stage, “Anybody else?”
      I spent part of Friday at Al and Missy’s, and Missy seems to be doing a little better. We were happy to see her at Carson’s game Friday evening. She was sitting down the whole time, of course, but she was cheerful. Carson did great, too, by the way. He plays first base, and he made at least two superb catches.
      Jacob is doing better, too. He’s going places with the family now, and is getting on a more normal schedule. We keep praying for both Jacob and Missy.
      Dad and I spent last Friday night and Saturday at the cabin, and it looks as green as Ireland, as Donna said. May and June are always beautiful there! A couple of sandhill cranes have been hanging around, hopefully looking for a nesting place. If you haven’t seen them, they’re gigantic, with an 8-foot wingspan. Even when they’re way overhead, you can hear their “blurrp blurrp” call. We watched them catch an updraft and circle around, higher and higher, like John in a glider. When they got high enough, they sailed over the mountain towards Heber.
      I haven’t called Paul yet this week, but we presume he’s doing OK in Georgia. Paul, how about putting updates on facebook so we’ll all know how you’re doing? Just a line or two would be fine.
      What a family! I love you all! Mom