Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Kids,
      I’ve kept putting off writing my weekly letter, hoping for good news about either Missy or Jacob. And now things are looking better for Jacob! As of Thursday, his MRI had come back “clean,” meaning no brain tumor, but what was causing his “episodes?” To keep him conscious, John had bought him a mini-nintendo, and he played it for 12 hours straight on Thursday, while I sat beside him, making sure he didn’t drift off. It worked fine. Friday he had more new games, but it was getting harder for him to stay conscious. A sleep study was scheduled, but it was 2 weeks away, and meanwhile John and Heather were going crazy. If the sleep study didn’t isolate the problem, the next step was trying different drugs, so John persuaded their pediatrician to start directly on the drugs. Adderol was the first try, (related to ritlyn,) and it seems to be doing something, at least. Jacob is still having “episodes,” but he has also had some good times in between. It might just be a matter of finding the right dosage of the right medication. We’re so hoping that it might be resolved soon!
      And Missy? I just checked her blog, and it sounds like she’s still having plenty of trouble with her infection, or whatever it is. I think the hardest thing of all is not knowing exactly what’s wrong. We’ll keep praying for both Jacob and Missy. If anybody else has anything weird going on, let us know, so we can pray for you, too!
      So much else has happened, but it all seems like a long time ago. Like Addie’s baptism a week ago today–it was so wonderful! Addie looked just like Nora did, when she was baptized. It was great seeing so many of you there. Especially Sharon. Oh, yeah, Sharon was here for four days, with Lucy. That was a treat! Tuesday Sharon and I went to Matt Allen’s marriage in the Salt Lake Temple, and it was beautiful, like they always are. We were surprised that Elder Holland performed the marriage, but he gave a fantastic talk. Of course.
      What else? Oh, yeah, Paul left for Georgia (or is it Alabama) on Thursday, after a send-off party at Tom and Kim’s Wednesday night. The drive only took him two days. We’ll probably hear from him tonight or tomorrow.
      Sunday dinner last week was fun, too. Charles and Julie came, with their kids, Sammy and Lillian. We had a great time visiting with them, and the rest of you who were here. The kids even picked up the toys before they went home! (Or was it their parents?)
      What a fine family we have! Lots of love, Mom