Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Kids,
      Nora has posted all the family reunion information on a link from her blog. Thanks, Nora! It looks like great fun! There’s no place like the Tetons! All the assignments are listed. Dad and I will bring plenty of firewood, paper products, and campfire treats. I’m so glad we have an annual Ackerson reunion now!
      The Tongan funeral across the street has finally ended, after ten days. They had a luau every night, and street was always crammed with cars. Sometimes their food smelled really good and I wanted to go over and express my condolences again.
      My piano class for the Lighthouse Branch is still going great! I requested five more keyboards from the Church Music department, but I didn’t hear anything from them, so I bought three more from the Distribution center, out of my own pocket. So guess what the FedEx man brought me this morning? The five keyboards! Now we’re ready for anything! Dad is on vacation this week, so I had him help me with the class on Tuesday. I don’t think teaching piano is his thing, even though he had lessons as a kid. He had a lot more fun going to Webelos day camp yesterday and today.
      John got his most expensive birthday present ever, Tuesday evening. His new glider arrived. What, you didn’t know he bought another glider? It’s not so expensive this time around, because he’s splitting the cost with another guy. It’s a special glider for fat guys, so the tail is weighted with copper. You have to weigh at least 170 to fly it. (Of course that doesn’t sound fat to most of us. ) Go, John!
      Monica has purchased her own cat shaver to shave Ramona. No more traumatic rides to the groomer in the cat carrier! Monica says that Ramona doesn’t really mind the shaves. I ought to shave Xena and Oreo, since the heat seems to be getting to them. Every evening they stretch themselves out long on the picnic table and droop their heads over the edge.
      Remember I’m cooking dinner this Sunday evening, the 1st. We’ll be eating at five. Let me know if you’re coming! It seems like forever since we’ve seen some of you.
      Lots of love, Mom