Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dear Kids,
      Donna is having a girl! She had her ultrasound last Friday, and it’s most definitely and completely a girl! Donna brought home a whole string of pictures, some better than others. One of them only showed a foot.
      Sterling’s baptism is this Saturday, July 10th, at 4:00 pm in Pocatello. It’s not in the usual church building where we’ve always gone, so call Vanessa for directions if you’re planning to go. Their home phone number isn’t working right now, because of their move, but Vanessa’s cell # is 208 406 1629. Vanessa figured most of us Utahns wouldn’t be able to come, because of the distance, but Dad and I are going for sure, and Donna and Bevan will be riding with us. I’m looking forward to seeing the new 70's house the Suttons’s have moved into. I saw it once before, and it has a great yard! Lots of possibilities inside, too!
      My normal date for cooking Sunday dinner is usually the 2nd Sunday of the month, but Dad and I are way off schedule because of our travels, so I think I’ll wait till the first Sunday in August, which is August 1st. (A great day!) Our family reunion at Colter Bay will be August 12-14 (a Thursday to a Saturday), and Nora has been busy making food assignments. It should be lots of fun. Dad and I are looking forward to camping out in our tent. (Dad, especially.) We have this great tent we’ve hardly ever used!
      Dad and I have been at the cabin practically full time the last couple of weeks. Dad is doing his annual painting job, putting oil stain on the cabin, and I have my usual projects. Naturally there isn’t time to do everything. Then there’s the excitement of shooting magpies. They especially love anything with meat and rice, so we know just how to lure them into the yard. Bevan is definitely the best shot. No matter how many he picks off, they keep coming back for the bait. I think they dare each other to go take a nibble.
      I’ll be starting my piano class for the Spanish branch next Tuesday. I’ve been printing music books and organizing my materials. The Church sent me 10 Casio keyboards to use, so I’ve been unpacking them and trying them out. I sort of feel like the people in River City when the Wells Fargo Wagon arrived and they got their band instruments and uniforms. Harold Hill says, “I always think there’s a band!” Well, I’m definitely going to have a piano class. I’m not sure yet who will be there, but it should be fun. Marie Searle and Elise Fulton are going to be my assistants.
      So much going on! So much fun! Love, Mom