Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Kids,
      The family reunion was so much fun that real life seems pretty boring now. It was hard to come home to this wretched hot valley, although we had a nice rainstorm today. But I keep thinking about the clear crisp air in the Tetons, and those beautiful mountains, and the fresh smell of warm pine needles. Mostly, it was fun having so much of the family together (and we really missed Sharon and her family, and Paul.) It didn’t matter much whether we were sitting around the fire or hiking or sitting by the lake, it was fun talking to everybody and watching those wonderful grandkids have fun. We truly have a wonderful family.
      My sisters are planning a birthday party for Grandpa Allen on his real birthday, September 24th. Here’s the e-mail that Bonnie sent me: "We were thinking that since we didn't have a reunion this summer that maybe we could get together for Dad's (grandpa's) Birthday on Friday September 24th. Jane will be here too, so that will be fun! I have reserved the WEST pavillion at the River View park (where we always have our reunions) for that evening. Usually we have the East pavillion, so it’s the other one. I will put balloons out so you will know. It will be at 6:30 and we will make it potluck desserts. So just bring any dessert that you like, fruit, cookies, cake etc. and we will just visit and relax. If it is cold, we will reschedule. Please invite your children and grandchildren! Dad will really enjoy seeing everyone, so hope you can make it! Thanks"
      So that’s the plan. Consider yourselves invited!! Dad and I will be there for sure.
      While Dad and I were on our way to the Tetons, we stopped by the Harpers’ house in Newdale. Their whole living room wall is covered with family pictures, and Dad asked Chris how she keeps her pictures up-to-date. She said that for Christmas, all she asks for is an updated family picture from each of her kids. I think that’s a fantastic idea. If anybody wants to make me really happy for Christmas, you could give me a 5x7 of your family for the wall by the piano, and a 5x7 of your kids for the buffet. Some of my grandkids’ pictures are drastically out of date (and of course I appreciate the news ones that you’ve given me.) You don’t even have to get professional portraits. Some of our best pictures have come from ordinary snapshots. (And of course there are Tom’s really professional ones!!)
      Paul will soon be heading home from Alabama. We’ll all be glad to see him again.
      Life is good! Lots of love, Mom