Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Kids,
      I hope you’ve all seen the video of Dad on Channel 2 last night. They interviewed him about his 3 million-mile safe-driving award. I thought he was incredibly funny. It’s on facebook. Thanks, Tom, for uploading that. On my home page, there are at least three links, so I’m sure all of you are getting it, too. I liked Dad’s observation about not running out of gas on the moon. There was also a small article in the West Valley Journal, featuring Dad and Lamar Udy, who received the same award. Go, West Valley bus drivers!
      Speaking of driving many miles, Paul is on his way home. When I talked to him this morning, he had just crossed into Mississippi. I imagine he’ll get to Utah early on Saturday. We’ll be hearing his stories for a long time to come. Dad is worried that his car won’t make it, but Paul had an oil change just before he left Alabama, and I’m sure the magical Sable will do just fine. It has gone 186,000+ miles, which is a lot, but compared to the Windstar, it’s just getting warmed up. And even the Windstar doesn’t come close to how far Dad has driven: It only went to the moon once, plus part way back.
      Here’s some good news: Sharon is coming to Utah for Grandpa Allen’s birthday party on September 24! I know a lot of other people are coming, but Sharon’s probably coming the farthest. (Still only a tiny fraction of the distance to the moon, however.) She’s bringing Lucy. She’s only staying for a couple of days, but it will be nice to see them both. The whole family is coming in December, so that will be pretty lively.
      I’ll be cooking my next Sunday dinner on September 12, the second Sunday. So I’ll be back on schedule. We hope to see a lot of you then, if not before.
      Lots of love, Mom