Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dear Kids,
      I just got an e-mail reminder from Bonnie about Grandpa’s birthday party this coming Friday night. She reminds us that it’s from 6-8 pm at Riverwoods Park, and we’re supposed to bring fruit or a dessert and our kids. I hope Dad and I can bring nearly all of our kids! Sharon will be here with Lucy, and Vanessa will be coming with at least some of her family. Remember, too, that Saturday morning at 11 is the baby shower for Donna. What a great weekend we have coming up!
      Dad and I visited Paul’s student ward in Logan last Sunday. They had parents’ day, with a linger-longer afterward. I think it’s always fun to visit student wards, and see how the next generation is doing things. It was my first Church meetings in English in a long time, too. I was surprised to notice that I don’t understand everything in English! People mumble! People talk too softly! Now I don’t feel so bad about Spanish. After the meetings, and the linger-longer (sadly, pathetic food), Dad and I toured Paul’s apartment. Maybe some of you are familiar with this, but I didn’t know there were student apartments where each person has his own bedroom and bathroom! So, there are five bedrooms with their own bathrooms in Paul’s apartment. I didn’t know such luxury was possible! I won’t go on about the grody basements I lived in when I was at BYU, four girls in one bedroom with two ancient sets of bunkbeds, one small bathroom, shower full of mold . . . I won’t go on about that. I’m just glad Paul has it so nice. He’s studying really hard, too. We had a really good visit with him. On the way home we stopped in Brigham City to visit Andy and Renae, and that was fun, too.
      When we drove into the Salt Lake Valley, there was a pall of smoke over everything because of the fire in Herriman. I had a terrible asthma attack, and since I don’t have inhalers right now, I shut myself up in the basement, where the smoke hadn’t penetrated. Dad went out in his pickup and bought me an OTC inhaler at Smiths. What a hero he is! I was happy to be able to breathe again. Yesterday I went to see Dr. Newbold and got prescriptions for the regular, safe inhalers, that you can use over the long haul to really get rid of the asthma. I haven’t had it for about 10 years, so I’ve been lucky.
      Sunday dinner for October will be conference weekend at the cabin. We’ll have dinner just after the morning session. Let me know if you’ll be there. Let me know if you have any menu preferences. I can pretty much make anything.
      Lots of love, Mom