Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dear Kids,
      Paul got home (to the cabin) last Friday night, after a very long but very short (two day) trip from Alabama. He’s full of stories about his summer adventures. I hope he doesn’t get too indoctrinated by school before we hear them all. His car made it OK, but dare I say it: He got two speeding tickets in the two days he was on the road. Bummer! Still, he said, he’d rather get speeding tickets than have something go wrong with the car, if he had a choice. Paul spent less than a day visiting with the family, and then left for Logan. We hope he has a good school year. Or half year. He’ll be done in December.
      Grandpa Allen’s birthday party on September 24th is shaping up to be a great event. I already mentioned that Sharon and Lucy will be here, and Vanessa noted on facebook that she’ll be here, too. (Gotta love facebook! It keeps us all informed.) Remember, the party is Friday night the 24th, River View Park (where we always have our family reunions,) 6:30 pm, potluck desserts. (Or something healthful, if you want.) I’m looking forward to seeing so many of you, besides the Allen clan, of course.
      My work project these days is renovating the tower. It’s been 11 years since we finished it! There was some water damage in the center of the middle floor, but I fixed that, and now I just have to sand and paint and tighten up anything wobbly. I need to put the trap doors back in, too, so Dad and I can sleep out. With no trap doors, Xena climbs up and plops herself on top of us, and she’s so heavy you can hardly breathe.
      My piano class at the Lighthouse church is still going great. I always look forward to Tuesdays because it’s so much fun. People slacked off a little last week, when school started, but we had a good group this week. We’re up to about 20 people, although not everybody comes every week. Marie Searle is such a good sport about helping me! And Elise Fulton, too. I wish I could teach everybody myself, but it’s good for our students to have variety.
      Remember that I’m cooking Sunday dinner on the 12th, and we’ll eat at 5:00. Let me know if you’re coming!
      Lots of love, Mom