Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Kids,
       The double baby blessing last Sunday was a great event. As Nora pointed out in her testimony, all but one of her siblings were there! Sharon and Seth, we really missed you! It was fun having Monica around for a couple of days. Thanks, everyone, for such a great day!
       Dad and I are still getting used to having a van again. I never did get used to its California tires, however. Last Saturday morning I was driving from the Cabin to Heber in an unexpected snowstorm, and it was terrible going past the Jordanelle. I didn’t know if I was going to stay on the road or go over the side. In Midway I picked up Anna, to tend her for the day, and I also traded cars with John, because I had to drive to Utah Valley for a bridal shower (for David T’s fiancee) and a baby shower (for Carly.) John’s car has Arctic Claw tires, and they got us down Provo Canyon very safely. Monday morning, early, Dad ordered Blizzak tires for the van, and I told him it didn’t matter how much they cost. It was plenty. But I feel safe now, and ready for anything. This morning Dad and I drove to Brighton for some snowboarding. It was great, except when Dad face-planted on Sunshine. After that, we were both ready to eat our lunch and go home. Next time we go, we’ll both be in better shape, and we’ll have an even better time. By the way, is anybody interested in a Saturday trip to Brighton for snowboarding? I know practically everyone skis free at Deer Valley, because of Bevan, but there’s lots of charm in snowboarding, too. Let me know if you’re interested.
       Now that nobody’s living at the cabin, I’m going through everything that’s still there. There are eight coats hanging on the hooks by the bathroom. If they belong to any of you, you’d better rescue them. I have no idea who brought any of them. Going through the games, I found the missing chess set with Revolutionary War figures. Yay! It was tucked in among the rest of the stuff. Dad took it to chess club yesterday, and both he and his opponent were equally baffled by which pieces were which. Dad finally won.
       I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner on February 20, and we’ll eat at 4:30 pm. Let me know if you’re coming!
       Lots of love, Mom