Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Kids,
      I’ve been putting off writing my family letter for lack of news, but nothing has come up. It was fun having so many of you for Sunday dinner last week. It’s always wild and crazy and fun. Our next family Sunday dinner will be March 13 (getting back to the 2nd Sunday, my plan,) and then the next time after that will be April 3, Conference Sunday, at the cabin. (Wow, this long winter is going by fast!) Easter Sunday is April 24th, and on Saturday the 23rd, Allen and Missy are hosting a picnic and Easter Egg hunt at their house.
      Dad was off last Monday for Presidents Day, so we drove to Midway so Dad could do his final work on hooking up Donna and Bevan’s dishwasher.  (It has been a heck of a job, due to the weird way the kitchen is laid out.) Usually Midway is pretty quiet, even on Center Street, but we were surprised to see several vehicles in front of Donna and Bevan’s house. Their living room was full of old guys in fishing gear. Winter gear, that is. They were all friends of Bevan’s dad, and they had been ice fishing at Deer Creek. When three of them fell through the ice, Lloyd sent them to Donna and Bevan’s to get warm and dry out. Donna gave them cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, and they put their stuff in the dryer. They said everything had to be completely dry, so their wives wouldn’t find out. Besides, they couldn’t go home yet, because it was still morning. When they were all dried out and put back together, they took off for Rockport, where they figured the ice would be thicker. A couple of weeks ago, when I drove past Deer Creek, there were hundreds of people on the ice, with their little huts. I thought it was the dumbest sport ever invented, but come to find out, people really do catch fish that way! Bevan’s dad offered some to us, but they didn’t look very appetizing.
      If you’ve been on Facebook, you might have seen Bonnie’s link to the video of Grandma Allen’s cat Charlie, after he was shaved. Nancy made a good point: we shave poodles, so why not cats? Ask Ramona. She gets professional shaves from Monica now.
      Paul has a new job, sort of, but it doesn’t pay anything. He helps deliver Meals on Wheels. I’m glad he’s doing it, because Grandma and Grandpa really benefitted from that program, and I’m glad someone in our family is giving back. Speaking of Grandma, things haven’t changed much for her in the last few days. Any time you can visit her and Grandpa would be a good time, the way things are going.
      Maybe it’s good when there’s no news! At least there isn’t any bad news right now, that I know of!
      Lots of love, Mom