Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Kids,
      Dad and I are packed up, ready to leave for the airport in a few minutes. The cats are milling around, deciding on the last possible minute to hide from us. We know their routine, though, and we’re waiting for the last possible minute to throw them out. We’ll be gone to Michigan for 6 days, but Donna will be coming on Tuesday to run my piano class and refill the catfood container.
      We’re looking forward to conference weekend right after we get back. We’re hoping to have lots of you for dinner on Sunday, and possibly see some of you on Saturday, too. I presume the guys will be going to the Saturday night session in the new Francis church. (No more long "11-minute" drive to Marion!)
      I bought new towels for the cabin, and the old ones are piled on the dining room table. First come, first dibbs. They would be good for trips to the swimming pool, wiping the floor, etc.
      Vanessa says that Meg is doing great! She even went to Church the following Sunday. Thank goodness kids heal quickly!
      Dad is facebook friends with Emily Thomas Nixon, and she sent him a message that she and Marcus kept talking about those cookies I used to bake for their Sunday School classes. They wanted the recipe. Ah, yes, I remember those cookies. I looked forward to eating them as much as anybody in the class.
      Oops, our ride is here. I have to upload this quickly.
      Love, Mom