Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Kids,
     Dad and I just bought tickets for a trip to Michigan March 26-31. Seth is doing his dissertation defense, and even though we won’t understand much of what’s going on, we’ll be there anyway. The Thackers are coming too, so it will be wild and crazy. I think Dad and I will be staying in a motel for a couple of nights, but we’re always up for a Motel 6 adventure. (Not a Hilton adventure, however.)
     Friday afternoon we were in Heber, checking out John’s new office. It’s actually the same old office with a totally new look, and everything’s laid out differently now. We gawked at his marble counter tops and funky new sinks and faucets. Later that night we went up to the cabin to stay overnight. There are still seven or eight lonely jackets and coats hanging on the coat rack. Anybody? Anybody? I’ll probably leave them there until Conference Sunday, and then haul them off to the DI after that.
     Saturday morning we did cabin work projects, and then drove to Midway so Dad could spend just a little more time with Donna and Bevan’s dishwasher, which he’s become so attached to. (It’s an electrical problem this time.) I worked on their bathroom tile. When I walked outside to get my chocolate chips out of the car, I noticed a kid on a skateboard coming down Center Street, right down the middle of the road. (It slopes downward for several blocks.) He sailed past me and kept on going. Cars went by him on both sides, but he just kept cruising. Is that a Midway thing, skateboarding down the middle of the road?
     When we were done with our projects, we drove down Provo Canyon to Orem, to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma looked a lot better than last time. Charlie told her about a woman in his ward who lived four years on hospice, and Grandma said that would take her to age 91, which might be a good time to go. She’s knitting again, too, which we thought she couldn’t do any more. Best of all, she looked cheerful. Grandpa, too. We had a fun visit.
     This coming Sunday, the 13th, I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner again. It won’t have been a month since the last time, but I want to get in one more dinner before Conference weekend, April 3rd, when I’ll be cooking dinner at the cabin. Be there or be square.
    Life is good! We’re grateful for all the wonderful things you kids are doing, now that you’re grownups.
     Lots of love, Mom