Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Kids,
       It’s still cold and rainy here. It’s supposed to warm up a little by Saturday, though, and clear off. But if it doesn’t, we can still hunt Easter eggs in the rain. When you use the plastic eggs and fill them with candy (as per Missy’s instructions,) at least you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or muddy. Whatever the weather, we’re looking forward to the party. Dad and I are going to ride our bikes to Al and Missy’s house. On Google Earth, it looks like the Jordan River Parkway connects up with the Legacy Parkway now. If we find any place where we can’t get through, we’ll just ride up Redwood Road. It’s probably about 15 miles each way, if we start at Carlisle Park on 4100 South.
       Donna and Bevan returned from their road trip to Arizona, out of the Garden of Eden, back into the cold northland. They stopped by here on Tuesday, so Donna could help with my piano class. Nora came by with her kids, and they had a baby contest. Which baby could roll over? (Isaac) Which baby could stand (with a little support)? Anna. Which baby could sit up? Neither one. They kept toppling.
       John and his family were at the cabin last weekend, so Dad and I took the big swing set we bought, and I had John and Dad unpack it and set it up. (On the east side of the cabin, by Matheny’s fence) There were three pipes that were supposed to fit together for each of the tall side poles, and John and Dad accidentally put two pipes together the wrong way. It wasn’t easy getting them back apart again! They tried pounding with a hammer and a screwdriver, and the pipes didn’t budge. I kept suggesting that they tie one end to the telephone pole, and the other end to the back of John’s car, and just pull them apart. Finally they took my suggestion. John put the car in gear, and pulled it forward until the tension of the ropes stopped it. He jumped out to see how things were going, Dad hit the pipes at the joint with a hammer, and they came apart. John’s car took off down the driveway, and he had to run to catch it. When we told John’s kids what had happened, they wanted us to re-enact it all so they could watch.
       The next Sunday dinner I’ll be cooking here will be May 15th, the Sunday after Mothers Day. On Mothers Day, Dad and I are hoping to visit Grandma Allen, if she hasn’t departed for the Spirit World by then. Last Saturday afternoon we visited her, and she looked like she was barely hanging on. She said they gave her a much better pain pill than Lortab, so I’m guessing it’s morphine. She said she’s having trouble with her kidneys. She was in bed, and seemed to drift in and out of a fog, probably caused by the medication. Every now and then, she was alert for a couple of minutes. She wondered what Grandpa was doing, and I told her Chuck was talking to him about trap shooting. Thank goodness Grandpa is easily entertained! I hope you’ll all pray for both of them, as Dad and I are dong.
       Well, I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Hope to see lots of you on Saturday!
       Love, Mom