Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Kids,
      Paul has decided to walk! His graduation from Utah State will be a week from Saturday, on May 7th. The commencement will be at 9:30 am in the Spectrum, and the College of Engineering graduation will be at noon in the concert hall of the Fine Arts Center. Call Paul for more details! He suggested that we might only want to do the College of Engineering thing at noon. Most of us have done the Spectrum extravaganza more than once! Since the restaurants will be packed that day, I’m thinking we should get pizza and eat at Paul’s apartment afterwards, or have a picnic. Any ideas? Paul is planning to stay in Logan for the summer and study for the GRE. He’ll start his Masters in the fall, as a non-matriculated student, but all the classes he takes will count toward his graduate degree. Go, Paul! It’s hard to believe he’s not doing APEX again. The rest of his APEX team is already in Alaska, working for the summer.
      The Easter Picnic last Saturday was a blast, as all of you know who were there. (And of course we missed everybody who wasn’t there.) Dad and I had a great time riding there on our bikes. We drove to Carlisle Park on 4100 South, next to the Jordan River Parkway trail, and started our ride there. It’s 11 ½ miles to Al and Missy’s, as the crow flies, but of course we’re not crows. The real distance on the trail is about 16 miles each way. We rode slowly, and it took us about two hours each way. It was cold, but we were bundled up, so we had a great ride. The Jordan River Parkway connects up with the Legacy Parkway all right, but there’s a mile or so of unpaved trail just south of I-215. Luckily our tires held up! The dinner at Al and Missy’s was especially good, and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun hunting Easter eggs in the little park by their home. Some things never change, fortunately!
      Early last Saturday morning, before our bike ride, Dad and I went to the Jordan River Temple, and we ended up in the Tongan session! As they’re waiting in the chapel, before they go up to the ordinance room, they sing their Tongan songs in 4-part harmony, acappella! I thought we were in heaven already! They meet there every third and fourth Saturday for the 7 am session. I highly recommend it! Dad and I had to use headphones, but you can channel surf and listen in 6 other languages besides English.
      Well, I guess we’ll be seeing some of you at Paul’s graduation!
      Lots of love, Mom