Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Kids,
If any of you have talked to Sharon lately, you’ll know they’ve been right in the thick of things in Maryland: first, the record hot temperatures, and then the earthquake, and now a hurricane barreling towards them. Most people don’t get that much excitement when they move to a new state. Monica? Any earthquakes or hurricane’s up there? There probably won’t be any record hot temperatures for you guys. Here in Salt Lake it’s hotter now than it’s been all summer. Weird!
Wednesday I had surgery on my left foot, and Dr. Rhodes took out a neuroma that’s been causing me lots of trouble. So now I’m clomping around the house in one of those big surgical shoes, and when I stomp towards Xena, she takes off like a bullet. (Oreo isn’t scared.) Actually, I don’t stomp very hard, because my foot is really tender. I’ll have the stitches taken out Monday, I hope.
This afternoon Dad and I are leaving town for the cabin, along with most of our chess club. We’re having an overnight chess marathon. I don’t know how late I’ll be able to stay awake, but there’s going to be some kind of a Round Robin where we all play each other. We’re all bringing plenty of food, too. One of our ladies is into star gazing, and it should be pretty good, because there’s a new moon tonight. We’ve been planning it in chess club for the last several weeks, and I hope everybody has a good time. I think Dad and I will be back here on Sunday, since I don’t know how I can do church with my big clumpy foot. Dad can visit his beloved 5th Ward and say hi to his long-lost friends there.
I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner a week from Sunday, September 4, at the cabin. 5:00 pm. Let me know if you’re coming.
Lots of love, Mom