Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Kids,
       Life was sort of a letdown after the family reunion, because it was so much fun. On Sunday, the cabin was so quiet it drove me crazy. But thanks, everyone, for making it a blast. Especially thanks to Tom and Kim for all their planning and hard work! I thought the rocket launcher was incredibly fun. And the train ride, and the Dairy Keen, and the fire engine, and the games, and the swimming. It was all fun. I’m already looking forward to next year. Speaking of which, Allen contacted some of you already about having it August 13-15, but we’ve already talked about changing it, because of Tom’s conflicts with his work. So now we’re looking at August 6-8. The plan is that we would drive to Bear Lake on Monday, and camp there Monday and Tuesday nights. Those of you who wanted to find cabins or condos to stay in, I’m sure you could arrange it, especially with this much advance notice. Allen pointed out, however, that camping is a lot less expensive, and would leave us with more money to rent jet skis or boats. Anyway, save the date, and we’ll let you know if we change it again!
       In my last letter, I bragged that Dad and I will be selling tickets to the Frontier Days Rodeo. Of course we have to attend it, too. (Neither of us has ever been to a rodeo.) The Saturday night (Sept 3) rodeo starts at 7:30 pm, if any of you are interested in coming. The cost is $7 for adults and $3 for children 12 and under. If you google Francis Utah Frontier Days, it takes you to their site, and on the far right is a link that says 2011 Francis Frontier Days. That gives you a schedule of their activities. Anyway, if any of you would like to join us at the Rodeo Saturday night, we’d be delighted. There are fireworks after it’s over.
       Now, about Sunday dinners . . . I had considered alternating each month between the cabin and our West Valley house, but the logistics just don’t work. So I guess I’ll only be doing Sunday dinners at the cabin. Since we just had the reunion, I’ll wait until Labor Day Sunday, Sept. 4, for our next family dinner. Please let me know if you can come, so I can bring enough food. I have to plan more carefully, since I can’t just sent Dad to Walmart on Saturday night.
       What a family! There’s no stopping the fun!
       Love, Mom