Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Kids,
      At this time last year, I was looking for high-heeled boots to wear on Sundays, so I could look more like my Hispanic amigas. Now I’m looking for tall cowboy boots. Sharon said, “It’s obvious that your peer group has changed.” How true. The boots I want aren’t made in size 11, but I have a boot stretcher that works pretty well. The nice man at Reams is ordering the boots in size 10, and hopefully I can make them fit me.
      Dad and I really enjoyed Allen’s graduation from Columbia College last Saturday. What a motley audience it was! We fit right in. There were graduates of all shapes and sizes and ages, but they were all elated to be getting their degrees. We’re proud of Allen for sticking it out, and now Dad and I can brag that all nine of you at least have a bachelor’s degree. We’re proud of all of you and of your accomplishments!
      Tomorrow afternoon some of us are driving to Price for the CEU founders day dinner. Oops, I mean USU Eastern. That’s its new name, but I think everything else is pretty much the same. I called the office in charge of the dinner yesterday, to add Addie to our table, and Brad King picked up the phone. He said Vickie was out of the office, but he saw our name come up on the phone, so he picked it up to say Hi. (By the way, Paul, Vickie asked how you’re doing!) As long as people like Brad are in charge down there, we’ll always be loyal supporters!
      A week and a half ago, while Dad was on vacation, we finally did our 50-mile bike ride. We started at our house and rode to the Mavrick Center, and then we followed the Trax Line to Redwood Road, where we got on the trail over to the Jordan River. We followed that north to the Legacy Trail (by Al and Missy’s house) and we rode north almost to Lagoon. If you turn west there, you can pick up the D&RG Trail, which goes another 20 miles to Roy. The weather was cool and we had a tailwind the whole way, so it was an absolutely perfect ride. We were hardly even tired when we got to the Roy Frontrunner station. We took the train back to Salt Lake, and then the Trax down to Meadowbrook, where Dad had left his truck a couple of days earlier. I’m glad we finally did it, and that it turned out so well.
      Life is good! I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom