Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Kids,
      I’m now the proud owner of a pair of Tony Lama ladies’ cowboy boots. They’re only size 10, but they have square toes, and my boot stretcher is stretching one of them right now. (I may have to buy a special toe stretcher, too, but who cares? Anything for the cowgirl look!) I’m planning to wear the boots to church as soon as I can find the right skirt. One of my new friends, Elaine Robb, wore cowboy boots to last Sunday, and she looked very classy. She said it’s all in what else you wear. Besides owning cowboy boots, Elaine also owns five horses. I don’t have horses on my list yet, but who knows where this cowgirl thing will take me?
      Our trip to Price last Saturday afternoon was lots of fun. Our car was nearly filled with Donna, Bevan, Anna, Nora, Addie, Dad, and myself. The weather was beautiful, and Spanish Fork Canyon was gorgeous, even though the leaves are starting to fade. (There’s never been such a year for autumn leaves here, because of all the rain we had!) We had fun at the dinner visiting with Brad King, the Larsens, the Bentleys, Kimball Johnson, and various other people that Donna and Nora knew. The dinner was pretty good, although they didn’t have quite enough food. The speeches were too long. Otherwise, it was great. People have wondered if changing CEU to USU Eastern would change the school. It all looked the same to me.
      On our way home from Price, we were nearly out of Spanish Fork Canyon when we passed the train accident that killed the three girls. They were standing in between the tracks taking pictures. We didn’t know at the time what had happened, but there were dozens of police cars flashing their lights, and the trains were stopped in both directions. What’s with that location? I remember when we saw a car burning in the same place. It had crashed and then been hit by a train. I’ve always been terrified of train tracks, from all the terrible stories I heard when I was little.
      I’m going to fix Sunday Dinner at the cabin a week from Sunday, on October 30. That’s four weeks from our last dinner there, and almost four weeks before Thanksgiving. Let me know if you’re coming on the 30th .
      Lots of Love, Mom