Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Kids,
      I’m sitting, waiting for Randy Pons to come and tune our piano. He and his wife Altagracia live in the house behind us, where Hixsons used to live. They’ve been in the Spanish branch for years, although Randy doesn’t speak Spanish. (He always works with the young men.) I’m getting the piano tuned because Tuesday night, December 20, at 7:00 pm, is our Christmas Music open house. It would be great if you could bring your kids and yourselves and perform Christmas music for us–singing, piano songs, flute, guitar, anything. It’s our sixth consecutive year, and it’s always lots of fun. We’ll have cookies and punch, and probably other goodies, as well.
      Before that, of course, is the family party on December 17, at Nora’s house. Her e-mail says, “The rough plan is to meet at 4 to go ice skating at the Kearns Oquirrh Oval (where the Olympics were). There is also a possible opportunity of going to see a home in South Jordan where the family collects and does a 30 minute tour of a 100 nativities they've collected from around the world Also, on Saturdays, you can tour the house built in Daybreak that looks like the house on UP. That might be fun too. For the food I thought we could do the Mexican fiesta again. delish no? I'll make 7 layer dip and some honey lime chicken enchiladas. See you on the 17th!”
      I agree, it will all be fun. Here’s the cousin exchange list, if you don’t already have it: Julie - Bentley; Jacob - Emma; Aaron - Paige; Aubrey - Luke; Adelaide - Abigail; Benjamin - Macie; Paige - Julie; Stuart - Aaron; Isaac - Jacob; Sterling - Ali; Sarah - Lucy; Meg- Carson; Macie - Matthew; Luke - Aubrey; Bentley - Sterling; Emma - Charlie; Ali - Elli; Abigail - Anna; Carson - Stuart; Elli - Jackson; Jackson - Sarah; Anna - Adelaide; Charlie - Ben; Matthew - Meg; Lucy - Isaac.
      The Kamas Valley community Christmas program is Thursday night, December 22, at the stake center in Marion. They’ve always had it on a Sunday night before, and this is their first time doing in on a week night. The activities start at 6:00 pm, and I’m not sure what’s going on. Our choir program starts at 7:00. This might be your only opportunity EVER to hear me sing in a choir, so you might not want to miss it. Just kidding. The choir is really good, though–Dad says it’s the best choir he’s ever sung in, even better than his beloved high school madrigals. I haven’t told anybody that it’s my first choir ever, and I just pretend like I know what I’m doing. So far everybody’s been very polite to me.
      Christmas itself is coming up very fast! Dad and I will be at the cabin on Christmas Day, since it’s a Sunday, although we’re planning to tour Heber Valley that afternoon to see what Santa brought the grandkids there. Monday the 26th will be our usual sledding party at the cabin.
      So much fun! Love, Mom