Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Kids,
           Dad and I have a new plan for Christmas Eve: instead of hiking Ensign Peak, we’re going to hike up Memorial Hill in Midway, you know, that cone-shaped mountain near the edge of town, with the spiral road going up it. We’ve changed our plans because Donna and Bevan really wanted to do the hike with us, and it would save them a ton of driving back and forth. I think it’s a great idea! We’re probably going to start the hike about 7:00. You families in Heber, especially, if you’re free that time on Christmas Eve, we’d love to have you join us. Anybody else, too. I realize it’s a non-traditional way to spend Christmas Eve, but it’s sure a lot of fun.
           Tonight is the Kamas Valley Christmas program, where Dad and I will be singing in the choir. It’s at the Marion Stake Center. The nativity and kids’ singing starts at 6:00, and the choir program is at 7:00.
           And don’t forget the sledding party the day after Christmas, at the cabin! I’m making sloppy jo’s. If you’re coming, let us know, OK? There isn’t much snow at the cabin, but the hill is fine. It’s always snow-packed. We’ll probably eat about noon, or maybe a little after that.
           Many thanks to Nora, and everybody who helped pull off the family Christmas party last Saturday. The skating was fun and the food was great. The presents were great, too. Dad and I are still marveling over the season tickets you guys gave us to Hale Center Theater. I was totally surprised and delighted.
           Our Christmas music open house on Tuesday night was a great success. 40 people came. Nora and Addie played a really nice duet on the piano, and Nora played a solo. All my current piano students played, and the Cook family sang. At the end, we sang all the Christmas songs in the hymn book, from Joy to the World to the end, all the verses. It’s our third or fourth year for doing that. I’ll say one thing–we were very loud. Cathy Newton always accompanies us on the piano.
           Well, there are only three days now until Christmas. Oreo is parked under the Christmas tree, guarding my present to Dad, which is very large. He sits there every day, guarding the present. After Christmas, he won’t have living-room privileges any more.
           Lots of love, Mom