Friday, January 6, 2012

Dear Kids,
           It’s Friday night, and normally we would be at the cabin, but there was a birthday party tonight for Barry Cook, and there’s a wedding open house tomorrow afternoon for Janalee Longhurst. After that we’ll head up the canyon. My lungs are wishing we were there already. I saw my doctor this afternoon, and he said I absolutely have to see a pulmonologist as soon as possible. They are notoriously hard to get into, so if necessary, Dr. Newbold’s nurse will make the appointment for me. Meanwhile, I have one more new inhaler to try. If I could stay at the cabin full time, and hike in the hills every day, my lungs would be lots better. But there would be no chess club, piano classes, piano students, cats, trips to the library, or book clubs in my life.
           Speaking of cats, Oreo was deathly sick last week. Last Friday night, we thought he would be dead by morning, and I was already scrambling around in the shop to find a size 14 shoe box. Saturday morning, though, he staggered out from his sick bed and ate some cat food. He’s been improving steadily since then. I don’t know what he had. I think he has injuries from a fight, besides whatever sickness he had, because he keeps licking a wound on his shoulder.
           This coming Sunday is already the second Sunday of the month, but I’m going to wait till February to start doing Sunday dinners at the cabin again. I’m still worn out from Christmas and all the celebrating. But I’m planning to get back on a regular schedule again, so you can pretty well plan on the second Sunday of every month for dinner at the cabin, if you want to come. February 12 is the next second Sunday, so plan on then. We’ll probably eat around 5:00 pm.
           Our ward reorganized the Young Women’s presidency, and I’ve been called to be the Laurel adviser. Sunday is my first lesson, and I’m busy gathering up my props. Or visual aids, whatever you want to call them. Hopefully I’ll be able to recycle lots of the stuff I used in Primary. The Hill Cumorah bean bag toss, the Primary Amigo, the balloon popper–I’m sure I can find a use for all those things in the Laurel lessons. Everybody likes toys and games–there’s no age limit on that.
           I hope you’re all having a Happy New Year and doin’ great, and lovin’ it!