Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Kids,
        First off, Ellie’s baptism is coming up really quickly! This information is from Allen: The baptism will be Saturday, 5-5-2012, at 10am at the Foxboro Stake Center. It's on 1100 North just west of Redwood Road. (1100 North NSL and 2600 south Woods Cross are the same street). The cousins will sing 3 versus of I Am a Child if God (normal arrangement). A lunch will follow at our house. Hope to see you there. Al.
       Dad and I are also looking forward to seeing lots of you at the baptism. Right now we’re settling back into our Utah life, after lots of fun in Maryland. I don’t miss the humidity, but my hands were really smooth by the end of the week, and the cracks in the ends of my fingers had healed. Now they’re cracking open again, but it’s all good. I started breathing better while we were in Maryland, that I’m still doing pretty well, so life is good.
       Last night Dad and I went to the wedding dinner for Katie James and Kevin Cheesman, which was held at the La Jolla Groves restaurant, near the park where we always have our family reunions. Dad and I sat with Jane and Brendan, a table over from Charley and Suzy and Andy and Renae. Katie and Heather and Zane were here from Boise, and most of the rest of my family was there, except for Grandpa Allen. (I think he’s coming to the temple today, for the sealing.) It was fun to see the Cheesman family, too. I knew Ross, father of the groom, pretty well in high school. We were lab partners in chemistry and we broke lots of test tubes and beakers together. He’s got a lot of brothers that I knew, too. (All of them tall as church steeples!) They’re a great family, and they’re glad to be getting such a sweet daughter-in-law. Bonnie and Curt are glad to be getting such a nice and handsome and talented son-in-law. (Kevin played the guitar and sang a song for Katie at the dinner.) So it was a great occasion. Naturally we all missed Grandma Allen, because she always loved wedding events. I’m sure she’ll be at the temple today, even if we don’t see her.
       Paul is leaving next week for Sacramento, where he’s going to be an installer again. He’ll be here in town for a couple of days before he leaves, so we’ll look forward to visiting with him.
       Love ya all! Mom