Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Kids,
           I’m off-schedule with my weekly letter because I was sick over the weekend. But I still have time to remind you all of the Baptism-Birthday-Easter party at Nora’s house this coming Saturday. Benjamin’s baptism is at 1:00 pm, at their stake center, located at 8150 South Grizzly Way (5420 West). The after-party at Nora’s will be a lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and a celebration of Ellie’s birthday. I asked Nora what people should bring, and she said, “Bring kids and candy.” If you want a food assignment besides, call Nora. It should be lots of fun.
           Dad and I both got colds last week, and I never thought about what would happen to me now if anything got into my chest. My poor wretched lungs can’t handle anything but pure mountain air, so what would they do with a cold virus? I found out, and it wasn’t nice. By Saturday morning I could barely breathe or talk, so Dad drove me from the cabin to the IHC InstaCare here in West Valley. (I’ve already been misdiagnosed once in the Heber ER, and they only have a limited urgent care clinic there.) We had to wait for a hour, but we got a really good doctor, and he fixed me up with a breathing treatment, a lung x-ray, and prescriptions for albuterol, prednisone, a really hefty cough syrup, and an antibiotic. He said he could “rescue” me, but he couldn’t “save” me, meaning it will probably happen again. But I know what to expect now, and next time I catch a cold, I’ll keep my lungs clear with albuterol so it can’t get that bad again.
           We really enjoyed Conference on Sunday, although the cabin missed all of you! It was crying! It’s remodel is going just fine, though, and we might be done by late June or early July. I’m all ready to start putting down wonderboard now, whenever I get well enough to mix mortar, carry in the wonderboard, and use a drill drive to screw it down. After that is the fun part, laying the tile, and doing the grout. And then of course one things leads to another, so I’ll have to put in new molding and paint and then go wherever that leads me. But you can all start planning your cabin parties for late summer or thereafter.
           Our e-mail just turned up the information that Russell and Kristyn Allen have a new daughter, Heidi Joy, born on March 30 in Sacramento. Congratulations. I imagine we’ll have good news from Sharon and Seth pretty soon. There are still plenty of bets on whether it will be a girl or a boy.
           Lots of love, Mom