Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dear Kids,
          We’re having wretched Memorial Day weekend weather! Dad went to the air show in Ogden with John’s family, and I think Nora and her family are camping at the Spruces in their pop-up trailer, and they’re all getting rained and snowed on. Vanessa says they didn’t plan anything at all. Memorial Day is nearly always cold! I had called Vanessa to find out about Sarah’s baptism–it’s next Saturday, June 2nd, at 2 pm, at Vanessa and Trent’s ward: 42 Princeton Street. (Same place as Sterling’s baptism, Luke’s blessing, etc.) There will be an after-party at Vanessa’s house, and food, of course! I’m looking forward to a trip to Idaho! Dad and I haven’t been anywhere for a long time. June 2nd is also our 40th wedding anniversary! I was hoping we could do something fun to celebrate, and this fits the ticket exactly! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married 40 years, but with John turning 39 in July, it guess it’s been long enough.
          I really don’t have any other news, so, to fill out my letter, here’s a bio of Dad and me that I wrote for our ward newsletter. (We’re still considered "new," even though we’ve been here almost a year. I wondered why there was so little turnover, but Dad pointed out that it’s really hard to move when you have horses and cows.) Anyway, here’s the bio:

Family Bio for Chuck and Christy Ackerson
          Chuck was born in Arlington, Virginia, and Christy was born in Glendale, California, but grew up mostly in Utah County. They met at BYU, where they were in the same ward, and even in the same home evening "family." They will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in June. They have nine children ranging in age from 27 to 38: John, Nora, Vanessa, Tom, Allen, Monica, Donna, Sharon, and Paul. They now have 28 grandchildren.
          Chuck has been a UTA bus driver for 36 years. He is currently #3 in seniority out of hundreds of drivers, and he trains many of the new drivers. He is often featured in the media-- most recently in a KUTV2 feature on March 31. Christy has been a piano teacher for 25 years, and she has also done a lot of writing, editing, and tutoring. They both enjoy snowboarding, playing chess, and going on long bike rides together. In addition, Christy likes big construction projects, and Chuck is always willing to help out. Chuck likes trap shooting, fiddling with the computer and reading books on his Nook.
          Interesting tidbits about the Ackersons: Christy once babysat Kurt Bestor. When she was in high school, she wrote a masters thesis for the BYU football coach. She has read the Book of Mormon in four languages, and she knows how to use a transit and a laser square. Chuck is a backyard auto mechanic, has a degree in nondestructive testing, and has earned his "3 Million Mile Safe-driving" award from UTA. On one of those miles, his bus was used as a "getaway car" for a robbery, without his knowledge.
          Chuck and Christy have lived in West Valley for 35 years, and they bought their second home in Woodland 10 years ago as a "cabin. At the present time Christy is having some lung trouble, and she can breathe a lot more easily in the clean air of Kamas Valley, so she’s living here practically full time. Chuck is here on weekends, so it has worked out very well for them to become members of the ward. They are really enjoying their new friends here!

          I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Lots of love, Mom