Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dear Kids,
           Today I’m uploading my letter from . . . (roll of drums) . . .the Primary room in Francis 2nd Ward! The primary president is doing sharing time and I have a few minutes. I’m sitting at the piano, which hides me from the kids, so nobody can see what I’m doing.
           Dad and celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary yesterday by driving to Idaho for Sarah’s baptism. We had Nora and some of her kids with us, so it was especially delightful, and the weather was beautiful. The sky was blue and the hills were green. We saw lots of cows. We made it to the church a little late, and they were all ready to start. The baptism was beautiful, of course, and both Sutton grandparents gave great talks. (I played the piano and Nora led the music and Dad said the closing prayer.) The most striking part of the service was right after the baptism, when Sarah came back out wearing a nice dress and Trent came out wearing a suit coat and white shirt and tie, and khaki cargo shorts. (His suit pants were at home on a hanger.) The bishop said that was OK and Trent was completely worthy to confirm Sarah. It all went very well!
           There was an after-party at Trent and Vanessa’s house: a barbecue with great food and lots of fun talking with the Sutton side of the family. They’re always entertaining!
Back here in the wonderful Kamas valley, I’m having a day off from laying tile. Thank goodness for Sunday! I’m weary in every bone! I’ve figured out exactly how many tiles I need to lay each day, and how much grout to spread, and how much work on the walls and ceiling I need to do, in order to be done by the end of July. I pray every day for strength and energy, and that I won’t hurt my back or have something else happen to me. It’s good that we have a deadline, or this project could carry on forever.
           And as if I didn’t have enough to do inside, I’m also getting ready to plant the last section of grass in the front yard. There’s a meadow lark who greets me every morning when I come out to rake dirt. He sits up on the utility wire and calls to me. I answer him back, but my meadow lark impersonation isn’t very good. He corrects me, and I try again. He bobs his head like Reggie used to do. I think he has a family down in the shrubs that he’s watching over, and he gets a little bored, so he likes to converse with me. If only my language skills were better!
          Life is good! I love you all! Mom