Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dear Kids,
          The air here is filled with smoke from a fire in Saratoga Springs, at least 70 miles away. I thought the air here at the cabin would always be pure and clean, but I didn’t know that a wildfire in Utah county and high winds could bring us bad air and smoke. Luckily I have a nebulizer that I borrowed from Heather in April, my last period of bad breathing, and I have 64 vials of albuterol from Dr. Newbold. I quit seeing my pulmonologist, Dr. Ahmed, because he wouldn’t prescribe anything radical. His solution for all my breathing problems was for me to call his office for an appointment "in a couple of days or so." But trouble can come up really fast when your lungs are deficient, like last night, when the plume of smoke came over the mountain. I was all ready for it, hooked up the nebulizer, and puffed on it until I could breathe again.
          With all the power tools I use, who could imagine that I could have an accident with a drill? But I was using a large bit, and somehow it caught my work glove, twisted it up, and started chewing my hand. It wouldn’t stop, but I finally thought to hit the reversing button. When I untangled everything, I was missing a piece of skin on my wrist about the size of a quarter, besides other little wounds. I didn’t know how to treat missing skin. I called a couple of nurses I know, but couldn’t get anybody. Finally I soaked my wrist, scrubbed it, and bandaged it. After a couple of days it didn’t seem to be closing up, so I took off the bandaging, and now it’s infected. Donna said I should have found the piece of skin and tried to set it back on, but it was in the trash with the glove, I guess. If I’d been at home, I probably would have gone to Instacare. But here in the mountains you have to take care of yourself. I’ll probably have a big scar, but my hands are ugly anyway.
          These are the days when it’s freezing at the cabin in the morning, and 85 in the afternoon. On Thursday, the summer solstice, I had frozen water lines in the morning. And a wild hot wind in the afternoon. Gotta love the mountains.
          Allen and his kids stayed over her Friday night, because they were going fishing Saturday morning. It was fun to have company!
          We’re looking forward to Eli’s baby blessing on Sunday, July 1, a week from today. Hope to see a lot of you there!
          Love, Mom
P.S.  Does anybody have  a badminton net they're not using?  The one at the cabin is in tatters.