Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dear Kids,
          As of tomorrow there will be no more 801 967 6403. The phone number you grew up with won’t be around any more, or at least, it won’t belong to us. Dad cancelled it because it was costing us $61.00 a month, and all we got out of it was one day of internet per week (at home) and lots of crank sales calls (even though we’ve always been on the do-not-call list.) Donna says not to worry–landlines are going the way of the dinosaur. All you kids usually call us on our cell phones, anyway. But it’s weird to think we would ditch the phone number we’ve had for 36 years.
          Donna’s leg is improving. She’s supposed to keep ice on it for another week, and stay off it as much as possible. Nora tended Anna from Tuesday to Friday, and other people have been helping out. Donna’s worst problem is boredom. She says it’s hard to sit around all day. Yesterday she was actually editing their family videos.
          Nora brought the Laurels from her ward to the cabin Friday night for a retreat. They slept in the bunkhouse, and it seemed to work OK for them. Saturday morning they had breakfast, and a guest speaker from our ward here: Jody McNulty, who talked about fashion and modesty. Then the girls went sledding on the hill, which was pretty slushy, but they seemed to have fun. Actually, some of them went sledding the night before, when there was a full moon. The cabin is up for every adventure.
          We’ve gone from way cold here to way warm. This past week it was in the 40's most days. Meanwhile, the Salt Lake Valley had a terrible inversion, the worst air I’ve ever breathed, when we were there on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was glad to come home. This afternoon there’s supposed to be a storm, and some clouds are rolling in, but the last four storms have passed us by, so I’m not too optimistic. The ground is bare in a lot of places, so we really need it, but I’ve been disappointed too many times to get my hopes up.
          I’m in Primary right now, and sharing time is going on. It’s about training horses, related to free agency. You’ve gotta love Kamas Valley!
         I hope you’re all doin’ great and lovin’ it! Mom