Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear Kids,
          It’s cold cold cold here at the cabin. Right now it’s minus14. We keep the fire going constantly, and we’re very grateful for the wood that Donna and Bevan have supplied us with. Oreo is snug and cozy in his heated kitty house. He thinks it heats itself, just like his food dispenser keeps him fed all by itself. He thinks we don’t do anything at all for him.
          Anyway, it’s really cold here.
          Dad and I are giving talks in church this morning. Everybody always gets ups and says that they dread talking in church, and when they see somebody from the bishopric on their caller ID, they don’t call back. I’m going to mention how I really love talking in church. Maybe it’s because when you grow up in a large, noisy family, you can’t ever get a word in edgewise, but when you talk in church, you have a captive audience for 15 or 20 minutes. Maybe there’s another reason. Anyway, I’m going to break new ground by admitting that I like talking in church.
          Dad’s retirement seems to be going fine. We follow a schedule of when to get up, when to go for our hike, when to go to the library, project time, dinner time, movie time, bed time, everything. It seemed to me that since Dad had a schedule for so many years, we ought to have one for his retirement. It’s going pretty well so far. Our daily hike is usually up to Rocky Point, or we do the little loop. It’s so cold right now, though, that we go to the fitness center and walk around the track. Our memberships expired, and it’s not free for senior citizens any more, so we have to pay $40.00 for a year. That’s still a bargain.
          Before Christmas I was negotiating with Fieldstone Homes about building us a house on Hilltop Road, overlooking the Provo River. It’s just about the most beautiful spot on the planet. I met with Fieldstone a couple of times, and Sharon’s brother-in-law Mike worked on the plans, but then they just seemed to drop me. But now that we’re in the doldrums of January, they’ve contacted me again. I’m going to Chris & Dicks on Tuesday to pick out cabinets. We still don’t have a firm price, however, so it’s still not a done deal. But I’m hopeful. I love living at the cabin, but we really need to move forward and have a real house where we can have our computer stuff, my grand piano, and our 2,000 books.
          Don’t forget I’ll be cooking Sunday dinner on January 27th. Lots of love, Mom